Carbon Dioxide, Oklahoma, James Cameron discussed on Thom Hartmann Program


Of that equivalent to the lesser ones and paling history touches like a t extension that took out the dinosaurs oklahoma say pm isn't a species that's currently endangered however the class three guns scenario james cameron said changes that it doubles down honor already bad situation putting us on that list as well not literally because some people probably will survive in highly artificial environments in this species will perrish but the vast majority of humanity will parrish cameron added with the metaphor worthy of his brilliant avatar movies we're talking about the survival of our kids week collectively airplane russian roulette putting a gun to their heads and going clicked clip click clutch rate gun only discovered and the serious win the nineteen sixties there is so much methane in the form of up laughs rates such as the frozen methane story on the floor the continental shelves around the ocean's of the world but it's a least double all the known underground call oil and gas on the entire planet peter ward the pill intelligence that the university bristol told me quote methane is way worse than carbon dioxide it's a nerd right now in the soil it's not affecting anyone in anyway when you warm at the becomes an gas and then it starts acting immediately is a green house guess so this is an immediate and very short term threat to him and civilization for the last decade a join us rusher research team the international are take research center university of alaska fair banks it's been exploring the east side billion are dick they're looking at the bottom.

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