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Nutty jadoe here's the latest from abc news him alex stone the massachusetts woman who encourage their boyfriend to kill himself through text message learns her fate scudder guilty fighting an entered plenty indictment charging you the involuntary manslaughter of quantum theory now sentences u two and a half years in bristol county house of correction the judge going on to tell michelle carter she only asked to serve fifteen months behind bars and five years probation she was found guilty in june of involuntary manslaughter for telling her boyfriend to get back inside a car filled with toxic gas it took his life carter with seventeen roy was eight teen at the time in washington several republicans are furious after phone calls the president had with world leaders that have now been released southern trump's first phone call with australia's prime minister grew heated when the two world leaders spoke about in agreement made during the obama administration to take in refugees the president according to the transcript detained in published by the wash tim post said quote this is going to kill me but the australian prime minister said to mr trump as in business in politics a d as a deal the president told him it was the most unpleasant call he had had all day but said his call with russia's president vladimir putin was pleasant karen travers abc news the white house new sanctions against russia russia may have been signed but it's not stopping the two countries from talking the russian foreign minister talked by phone with secretary of state rex tillerson today the russians say the call was initiated by the us pair reportedly talked about north korea and agreed to meet on the sidelines of a conference in asia next week in minnesota the ntsb takes over an investigation into a deadly school explosion search crews have recovered the body of a janitor killed in the blast they say he was found near an exit trying to leave the building before the explosion officials say receptionist was also killed nine others were sent to the hospital because of that explosion this is abc news a good night's sleep starts with the right pillow that's where mypillow comes in.

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