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I also then they show this glimpse. He goes, oh, so when was that ever? Twenty four twenty five years ago. And then it was the clip of back long. Sorry, it's a clip of Ashley saying, well, how long have you been friends and him saying twelve years, and then they like put the time to Chiro giant question Mark by the editors, just having so much fun. They're like Fook. So Karen, these goods Asha particular studying me intensely as like count, you wanna one, having a master's guy. She lives on everyone. She gives me Jesus Christ on hip. Mattress. Just tracking. So good like you are. So by me you're paying for the scallops still rights again. So now by far luck, I like campus, I think she seems like a nice girl. I love that. She's completely mature. I like she's a Brandt. I'm like that she's a cheerleader. I'm like that she sings a lot, but I'm really sick of for fucking saints. I don't wanna watch ever again. I know. So this now we're candidates at home with her sister Krystal dressed, like a barcode, and they're hanging out and. And So Chris like, so what was your favorite part? What was your part of the trip and can I think really the highlight of the entire trip was when I sang to Monique BIC, you're in the south of France. You are on the Rivi era urine can you're like in Provence, and your favorite part was when you're at the hotel last night and you saying happy birthday, you are so self involved. Please really crystals like a where they impressed. And she said, well, they did say, I could only think with the Mike wouldn't do a hilarious rule. Can it's like Chris, this along. To my beyond say, I'm like more like you're the Michelle the world beyond say, you're the vitamin c. to like Renee. Fleming. Your sister punching people does not make you be on say, okay. So she's like, mom, but about this store, the sisters like, yeah, I tell her to do it. There's a lot of foot traffic, but she does have a good point like fits Tony feeling wear wigs, yet huge leap to hugely make. They call the mom and the mom is still my favorite person in this family because at least he's funny way to this when they call it. Yeah. Yeah. She's like. The has your weight crystal. And then they just talk about the wedding. I actually honestly it actually they weren't talk about the wedding. You're talking about the store and I just out because it was like an endless scene of like trying to get them to downgrade the moms involvement. Mom mom is like to involve, like, how about you're more of a consultant than a investor or whatever it was. And it was again, it was just like supervisor. She's going to be a consultant and Kansas. Is that the big step for man, I went on the internet and was reading Facebook comments about this episode and people were like, whose mother calls him and says, how's your weight? I would blues. I'm doesn't. Everybody's mother, you that. His normal. Like I feel like if our mom, I would just like caller stranger and be like, how's your way. Like just a just a check in? Yeah. Every time I call t. mobile, the pay my Bill. They're like Aloma happy and I'm like, yeah. Good. How's your weight? My the version that I get, I don't get. How's your weight? I get. So anything going on with your scripts. I think going on with your scripts. I'm like, no, nothing is going on scripts ever. Don't you think I would tax you? The second lost you hounds or wrote a script. You know where they need you Saturday Night Live. Well, I'll just tell them, I heard y'all needed over there.

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