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It's warm in here, very warm. It's only may and I don't know how I'm going to deal with this. Oh, we're going to actually be recording our underwear soon enough. That's so uncomfortable in gross. No, no. I'll put my pants back on that. Fine. You can do whatever you want. I'm wearing pants. All right. Fine. That's fair. That's fair. We at least get a fan in here because it's fucking sweltering. Can rock candy or we record sweltering heat. It's just to bring you guys sweet treats of stories tales from the world of music, we should rename it. Hot rocks. Looking on here hot candy. But I just picture like melted ops. Ops hot candy is not good candy now. It's just liquid. Oh, gross. Especially chocolate. No. Okay. No. I want that we're hosts Maggie, Ashley, and we don't like hockey Andy. So we got that going for us. I don't think anybody likes hot candies. You like hot candy please, please write into us. We'd like to know your feelings on hot candy. I don't even know what hot candy would be aside from liquid or I mean like a fireball like drink. No. The Kyoto fireballs doodle candies yellow red one. Yeah. Yeah. Those are hot. I thought you were talking about liquid stuff. I'm like, yeah. Yeah. Those. Yeah. Those are those are hot. Yeah. I digress. From our discussion of hot candy. Also, I hate fireballs gross. Why do I want? Why do I want, like spicy while I'm eating candy? Yeah. I never understood the concept behind it, but it's my mom's favorite candy so moms are weird. Yeah. Mom's like weird candy what else mom's like mom's like the topic they were gonna talk about this week. I don't think. Yup. Yup. Go moms love Elliott Smith. They don't say this. Miss Elliott Smith not Samson Elliott Smith. Because we are continuing our discussions on mental health this month, it is still may is still mental, health awareness, month and tonight, we'll hear the story of Elliott Smith and you know, props you if you know who he is. Yeah, yeah. I feel like except for Karen carpenter, maybe Karen carpenter because you said some people talked to who she is. Which I still don't comprehend that. Yeah. But yeah, we've covered a lot of obscure this month. Yeah. We have that jinx you fucking coke just like a coke, a fucking cone, Lucking coke. All right. Coke, please. No. You like your diet cokes, do and to get through this episode of sadness and depression. We also have to drink because how else are we going to deal with our lives? That's, that's the only way we get through anything. Yeah. Right. But tonight we are drinking from foreign objects beer company will full delusion. Of false perceptions. Yeah. I think that describes Elliott Smith pretty good. I don't know. I full disclosure, I had row fucking hard time finding a beer for this episode because of course I had the perfect beer in my head. But do you think I could find it? No, no. You don't. It's going to show up on the shelves next week, right? Oh at one hundred percent is. Yeah. And I went to two different beer. Sores in at the second beer story found a good beer. One, one that would work didn't have my idea on me. One time. They're like we're gonna do really, really really, really. This is the time this time at this beer sword. This, this is when you're gonna be me, who'll bro, cool. Thanks. Thanks guy. But yeah, this is a new American happy ale. I feel like a foreign objects does a lot of happy ails, we've researched they, they just do Hoppy. It's pretty much it. I I'm kind of I'm kind of curious to see if their other one's just taste like this one. Yeah. But the cancer so pretty cancer, very pretty, but it's very Hoppy in very intellectual is key up descriptions, and fucking names. So I feel like this is a beer for people who really liked to boast about drinking days. Yes, this is this is for you. This is for our broS out there and babes who really like to talk about. How many IB us are in their beer? If you really want to impress somebody with a beer, you drink foreign objects. I mean maybe not us. But yeah, sure. Well. For the boozy bitches over there. Yeah. You boozy bitches out in Connecticut. Shout out to you guys again. But yeah, I mean it's an adequate beer, it's doing its job. It is. It's being beer. It is. It is. Beer, beer. So it Stewart shop you're already crossed the finish line. All right.

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