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It. Watching Salzburg. And this is a stats on Brendan aronson, who created 5 chances against vine, which is more than any other player across both the Champions League games that will be in play that night. Says fly in the U.S. flag. In fact, it was 5 chances in the Champions League game making him the youngest player to do that since Lionel Messi in 2008. Against Celtic. Archie, what did you make of him? First time I seen him properly gay, very impressive, symbolic of the overall thoughts about performance. High energy nimble, particularly he's turning circle you generally I think only here that in football when we're talking about slow defenders. But actually, as an attacker, just the way that he was able to kind of spin on an axis so so quickly, it was causing by in real problems and he had a great chance to make it two nil as well in the first half and you saw the respect that bind were giving him in that you could tell they were afraid to touch him in the penalty area because they knew that if he goes over it, if he gets a touch, it was going to be a penalty. So I thought that the way that he was still I thought the way that he was still sprinting even in the 90th minute when a lot of his teammates had kind of tired themselves out by that point. Look, he's that sort supposed to give himself a platform for the future as everybody who is there at that club is. And doing it in that kind of game against Bayern is a real test with your character, particularly at the young age that he is right now. So very encouraging and I'm sure it's the sort of performance that will put him even more prominently on bigger clubs radar. Thanks so much Archie. Thanks for letting us know and giving us your insight on what you saw there.

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