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Gone to hiding. In to come back out there still sort of. Like criminalize like. saw that in the. Your policy dancing but the. The. Point the black radicals that are sort of being driven off to the periphery or the driven into like their ivory towers the. have to play ball because the still are being like. Held prisoner in the larger. context of Lucca in this case, anti black racist. What's premises world where they did have this view of how the world could have gone but they were so utterly. throttled. With this guy is plants that we're really well I. Think I think something that is is important right? Well. I since I I feel like everybody has a right to say whatever they want. So it's like by all means. You guys are. If I go off the rails, you're free to jump in anytime. That's why. The book club is here but like I think. Like Oh, I want people to feel free jumping at any time. It's not like being an audience but also. I think what's in the first chapter of this book is kind of the reason why they don't divert. People into. Those. Areas of sanitized version of their own history. I think it's just two. Things play in the book gets into them, which is one that. You get a warped version of your history. Wish they want you to have because if you kind of knew. What was really done to you and how much is owed you you're not going to be docile subject enough. They can't. Actively oppress you like they used to least have you in an accommodated form where you're you're you're you're pliable you know. So I think that's what they do. They try to anesthetize you if they can't beat you into submission anymore the this. But I think the other thing is that's number one number two is. To distract you from themselves and that's that's the says in the introduction where he says..

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