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Really get a pay attention because you you may think something super healthy for you and that's something maybe killing you so you need to find out are you out immune allergic intolerant to something and that's something may be twenty different foods which are all vegetable by the way right so so if you don't remove it you're going to have a problem and you're going to suffer and clear case i always talk about italy in in the electors years i used to go to italy and i said this is really incredible and because ninety percent of the sicilians are lactose intolerant and yet for until five years ago i never seen a coffee shop in sicily the serves a soy milk or almond milk they had the regular milk so i said you know everybody is drinking this must be suffering and so you have a whole you had the whole country there was getting macchiato a lot and they were all cow milk and they must this must contribute it to an epidemic of gusta intestinal disorders they were very obvious because i'm peoper we knew that they were lactose intolerant and yet nobody nothing was done anything on it you know it's pretty funny all right so on this idea of the five pillars let's talk about what we can extract from the research that you've done and what you've learned into some principles that can kind of guide us in the direction of promoting longevity in our own lives like what's most important.

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