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The most part of most of them are rhinovirus or krona virus uh the normal you know and cold not not influence but uh yeah they they talking to get hospitalized more often and they tend under under uh or they are under read it when objective people look at a man who sick they will under rate the man's symptoms when the man raced down his symptoms as opposed to a women they'll overrate the symptoms and a woman away down west i mean not exactly sure how to interpret that but it's more kind of interesting data that came out of the study it's not men complain more when they when they have an illness could it be just enemies going off what you just said about how an objective observer will will downgrade their description of the man symptoms could it be that men to actually don't complain more at all but that there are perceived as complaining more because we expect them to complain less graphic good i you really a good idea of good twist on it i think the conclusion the author was trying to come to was that man actually experience more severe symptoms and therefore have uh a reason that they complain potentially more than women but then you're right in the study it shows that they don't necessarily complain more than women on on the data that he could poll from pre existing studies and it's the subject of so much i rolling you i relationships right eventually the war on his rolling her eyes at the man being a baby hate speaking other eyes this is i just want you to know right now i don't know if you're going to be able to call me down or not but this study is scaring the hell out of me this is a study that says vigorous exercise is linked to a greater risk of going blind when you get older right what do you make of this well okay so it's interesting and it's an important study because um agerelated macular degeneration as a as a major causes vision loss and older people not going completely blind but very significant vision loss so first of all macular degeneration the macula is the is the most sensitive part of the i it's essential part of your vision where you have your sharpest vision so it's good for reading.

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