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With the merger of einstein and jefferson lynn adkins kyw newsradio philadelphia man whose first degree murder conviction was recently vacated by a judge now out of prison for the first time in eleven years and on house arrest steve tower will ports the defendant and his family hoping he will soon be cleared of all charges with an ankle bracelet for electron monitoring twenty nine year old dante patterson is always maintained his innocence wants to do this is you know get situated get a job take care of my daughter being around my family go on with my life family and friends greeted him at a relative's home in north philly is he got reacquainted with his eleven year old daughter and while he could be retried on first degree murder charges the fact that the district attorney's office did not oppose bail to supporters to feel the da may ultimately dropped the charges for these does that they did the right thing to give me bell because i shouldn't be in jail sitting in there for something that i didn't do the chief of the da's homicide unit told us it's plausible that patterson who was seventeen after time did not shoot and kill his friend outside a grocery store and long crust steve toddler kyw newsradio testimony today in the trial of philadelphia man accused of attacking councilman david outside his westbound off your home last year here's just a noodle twenty five year old sean your brain is charged with stabbing philadelphia councilman david oh last may in front of the councilmens home today your is in court defending his innocence in this case councilman has identified your brain on several occasions including today in the courtroom but the councilman doesn't seem to have any resentment towards the defendant i think the important thing is he's off the street because i truly believe that the way he attacked me he would attack anybody and i think he was in a bad state of mind where he would hurt somebody and so i think it's good he's off the street i'm not bitter y'all braves charged with attempted murder aggravated assault and robbery but he maintains his innocence and says it's all a case of mistaken identity just an auto kyw newsradio thirty six forecast sponsored by mainline.

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