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City last week eric heintz komo news still to come on komo news each hero in disguise i'm corwin hake why the former mariner was caught wearing shades and a bushy fake stash time for an update on komo aaa traffic here twelve thirty four and we do it for every ten minutes on the fours marina rockinger we've got another problem coming into the city but from the south end we do so northbound i five right at i ninety we have a crash blocking in the right lane stop and go traffic from albro and it's also partially blocking the exit eastbound i ninety hopefully it can get cleared pretty quickly because that area is going to back up very quickly i in federal way southbound i five at the federal way way station the shoulder is blocked with an earlier crash but we have very difficult traffic from highway eighteen to that scene ellensburg area westbound i ninety near highway ninety seven we have various crashes i guess one is reported there specifically but we've had a few different collisions in that ellensburg area on westbound i ninety and so it's really going to slow down your travel time if you're headed this direction this look at traffic is brought to you by point defiance zoo wissel with a walrus spin with a otter and make powell's with the polar bear come get to know each other a little better at point defiance zoo and aquarium in tacoma your next komo traffic forty four here's komo's up wayne high temperatures pushing seventy degrees today again we're going for mostly cloudy conditions get some sun breaks out here and there but more sunshine likely for your saturday with about seventy five eighty on sunday back down to the sixties and seventies next week have a great weekend of seth wayne the macomer weather cecil overcast here the clouds of kept temperatures pretty low we're at sixty four in the city everett fifty nine and in tacoma now sixty two well the trauma experienced by refugee children separated from their parents is a reminder that all kids are prone to separation anxiety uw medical medica medicine social worker says kids are less traumatized when their parents explain the.

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