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You know the quote unquote official depth chart and my takeaway is. We're all the rookies are this is. This is a group of coaching staff. That you know is not just gonna hand Draft picks starting spots. They're going to earn it whether you know where they're at on. The depth chart is accurate. I mean how pisses the obvious example him with the second team. That's that's foolish to think that that's true but other than like audio daisy again. Not too far off the safeties but just to throw him out. As an example he's been running with the first team and he's at the fourth string string right outside linebacker again. Maybe that's not accurate but again they he's doing this for a purpose and i think in the long run. They're going to be that much better off. But they're definitely gonna lean on the veterans because they do wanna win right now. I mean whether people believe that or not they. They wanna win right now. They want to build up some goodwill with arthur blank and stack. Those ws because again. Nfl stance for not for long job. Security isn't promised danny of these coaches no matter what they did in their previous stops. You know with richie grant again. It's a long. It's a long term picture as well and they even noted as far as they're playing. They wanna win now. But it's also about the future. Richie grant is a big part of their future. So if he's not mixing in there right away all. I can say to those. Listen and is just you know. E patient trust the process. Richie will be a factor His college state pretty much said it. He's a very he's a very good player What he did in mobile at the senior bowl the versatility. He showed their even place the corner. I mean this guy's gonna get on the field It's just a matter of when and again this isn't an easy system. Just pick right up so I do. I do anticipate the at the end of the year. The snaps are going to be split. Where if it's not even you know. Maybe richie grants edge amount. But i do think the ideal year end plan is is to have a true platoon of richie grant drawn. Harmon air cares. And who knows. Maybe john hawkins supplants one of those veterans and you had the best veteran out there and then you have hawkins and grant That's probably true. Best case scenario yet. You mentioned hawkins. He's sort of the odd man out with The rookies from last year. That came into the league. You know we've talked about matt hennessy. And you know him being rookie last year and Sort of being functional rookie. This year with the crazy offseason. Those guys had Age israel and the remarkable season. He had michael walker Really having a decent rookie year given the challenges of not having a training camp for preseason jalen hawkins kind of gets forgotton in the mix of all this He was the only safety left after the three left in free agency or were cut and yet we're hearing reports from camp that he's actually holding up pretty well looking good out there Fourth pick from last year out of california. And he's a guy. I think we need to pay attention to as well. They have him To your point about the depth chart they have him with the second team along with tj green and again. I don't want to put too much on the depth chart. We all know that. Can change blah blah blah. We talk about that a lot But i do think. Hawkins also has a role on this team. What do you think about hawkins in what he can offer within the defense yeah. He flashed a little bit. He's he's certainly the forgotten man There's no question about that in that. Twenty twenty class a guy that went drafted. I was like who He definitely wasn't on my radar and certainly not on most draft pundits radars data early in the draft. But falcons certainly saw something in him Did did show a good amount of all production at cal in for gordon that circle and to the point earlier as far as you know i think he's a better fit in this defense because of his experience kind of playing you know both coasts. In the line of scrimmage in up top and you know he he had quite a bit of all production over the top that one play. I know that got pushed out there on social media against stanford where he made a ridiculous one handed grab who fallen backwards so he has that ability of being comfortable on the back end again. That's we talked about it all throughout the show. That's what dean pees looks for. Is that versatility to play ball spots whereas dan. Quinn didn't prioritize that so in this defense. I think there's a future for him And so far again. It's just practice a you know. There's there's no tackling so that'll be important because again As a safety tackling is of the utmost importance. Especially if you're that last man that last line of defense so We'll have to see in there but again You like the fact to east coast controlled. I think that part of it is why he was one of the three that was brought back. He was not a free agent or do not have a high cap. It so you know why not bring him and see what she got there and and hopefully you know he can carve out a role if nothing more special teams. He's going to have to the cut it there as that safety So so see where he's being played on on special teams when you watch you know. Fridays preseason game in addition the preseason games what again he flashed a little bit. I remember that green bay game where you know. Casey did tears achilles and monday night. Football game he. There wasn't many bright spots in that monday night football game. He stood out a little bit. So again Maybe he's doing the same now nearly portion of training camp and that's that's carrying through You know in his rise up the depth chart so again certainly an intriguing one to watch someone that any of us expected to do much but Right now at the season where start tomorrow. Hawkins i believe would be the third safety in three safety sets. Yeah Which is a great point. And i think the important thing is we do have the recording us on thursday We do have the preseason game on friday and more than likely we are going to see a lot of jalen hawkins and richie grant over the next several gains. So we're going to have you know some impressions of these young guys where they are in their development. I think we'll see air in drawn harmon of little bit. But i think the coaching staff knows what they have. Those guys so more likely. We're going to see a lot of young guys. And i'm gonna keep my eye on. Hawkins wanted to see what he can do with some extended playing time in the preseason can be critical since honestly he didn't get last year and as you mentioned some of his first snaps in the nfl game. We're in the regular season which is a hell of a way to throw young guy into into the throws at the nfl. All right so Safety group We all know there's question marks on his defense. The defensive line is obviously one of the big ones. How do you feel right now. Matt about the safety group as a whole the quality of the unit your trust in the unit going into the season. You feel comfortable. You still feel like it's a area weakness or do you feel like there's a lot of potential upside but it just seems to come through so as a whole and if i'm comparing him to other parts on the defensive debt roster i probably put safety third behind linebacker i think i trust the most. I like You know greg. Jarrett obviously carries more than his weight and the interior. But i do like interior defense align probably second and then i put safety third. I'd put cornerbacks fourth which there's a little bit of a gap there and then i put the edge rushers fifth but again a and a similar answer that after the russians that had with the safeties. I trust the scheme in the coaching. A lot when it comes to these positions. And you know what i mean by that. Is you know. I trust steam. Ps to put veterans like draw harmon. Air cares in the right place to have the most success in a again was. Was that a a fall. The previous coaching staff. I'd argue. probably yes that. They always use the talent in their best role. And i think again talking about safety. I think that had a lot to do with ricardo allen. A bit falling off. I mean especially when you have a debilitating injury like an achilles and your safety in your ass to play..

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