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Don't Lord only when is that you're gonna find the FICO on his bad. Gonna get better door. Yeah. Nice to have one of the toughest people ever in the sport. And I just I just forgot about. And I just thought about get better in mentally. I thought about man when we rear, cutting weight, we're gang ourself. They're hydrated though. I'm they're hydrating. And just the scent. I'm gonna be better. I'm gonna be back. I'm gonna be able to buy you don't usually seem to need need help cutting weight to this. This really help you did you feel like it was actually happening faster as a result of how you were feeling. The problem is our spinning very weak. So I was drinking coconut water. I was bringing some Louis. Oh, my weight wasn't going down. I couldn't let this happen. I need to manage. And I think the gut was just them. But I just felt felt we could you know, and even Wednesday. I went in the locker. On the elevator. I was going to do the you can see if you want the m made donkey and the interviews that was on Wednesday. That wasn't myself. I wasn't them very very very sick. And I I did all of the Gatien's. And I went inside the elevator. And who comes in rough by our since down father and broaden, and they look they look at me. And they like men you. All right. And I look at them. Yeah. Yeah. I'm good. I'm fine. How fine you know, how fine at all. Did you feel like you needed to end the fight quickly? Because of how you're feeling no man when I walk into that. I thought man I'll sparring everyday just get rounds with Sabih Kim, volley saieed mod, these guys are like these, you know, they get ready for anything and brain camp or very good. So I was raining hard and putting myself in a worst case. Daria so bad day being a little sick. Being a little waker was just another day on off. We've talked to the past about how how fails the grinder and it's hard to look good against him. You look very good against them. Did you feel? I can't let this fight go to the judges. I can't let the same thing that happened. Last time happened to me like I need to put an exclamation point in separate myself from this guy you did that on Saturday. But was that part of your mindset going into the fight? My mindset was me, you know, what I was doing rainy, and I'll like to say man, Mark plays a big point on this. By m e read a lot about roughly out game about what was done to. And how play out the last five hours this week Eddie Alvarez called me? And you saw a lot of didn't four things on our last Friday. We have guys on studying him. And we we mix it up report all together. And we went in there, and we did it. It's not just me all this guy. So it's one thing for people like me to say, you're the number one contender you should be fighting for the belt necks. But I don't know how you feel. I am frustrated that no one comes out and says this is the number one contender fight Marlins fighting for the belt. We don't know what's going on at one twenty five. We don't know what's going on at one thirty five. What is going on? Has anyone told you now two days later? Are you fighting for the belt mex-, man? If you ask me, I feel like I'm I'm the one thirty five founded champ on the best one thirty five thousand in the world. They guy the champion. He went down. He just lost in the thirty second match up against when five so I feel like I'm the camp of whatever they wanna do is. They wanna bring him. I'm on a very welcome him on and saddled, his usual. But right now, I have no thal about any fire. Anything only was going for the belt that sit at at notes off. You know, if not about the. We're gonna move Ballance. You are gonna Email because I'm in this sport to be a champion and fine calms and finds now in that Sigmund?.

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