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So I was thirty one years old and took the first company public and so but not put forward had more money than I thought I was going to have it someone some point my wife and and then things really started getting rolling so all right so you took it public and you know I'm not teasing you about being a genius to be able to do that you know it's it's an extraordinary thing if everybody could do what they would do it and so so here you are you're young but you don't really have the life skills of the character to handle this wild success and wealth so what what does happen you say you become an alcoholic what what the so what happened that went up to thirty one I really started going out and buying possessions and doing things in life looking for meaning and purpose and again I was becoming more and more of an arguing atheist at the time people like Bertrand Russell and Christopher Hitchens others folks had a big influence on me I found out later in life that you know that's a harder faith than than faith in Jesus but I really turned to adultery I turn to those material items I'm in my career my kids performance and and that's what I turn to and they were letting me down along the way even though I was buying a British racing green Jaguars and act homes on the golf course and and all of that I was looking for meaning in wasn't finding it in any of us I'm pretty sure that if I get a British racing green jaguar my life would be complete maybe that's not biblical you know it's kind of funny I a problem though Erica's it broke it broke down pulling out of the parking lot stop it no it's it's kind of funny because I think that you know those of us who know that you're not going to be made complete by that it's still it's undeniably tempting because there are these beautiful things out there and when you can afford them you think wow wouldn't be amazing to have this but whenever I talk to the people get those things they say the opposite sounds like that's what happened to you that is it I and they were out there is a lot more I was starting to drink more and more trying to fill that empty hole in my house place Pascal would say that yeah empty vacuum shaped hole in my head three hundred plus you need to drink a lot you know just to get a little buzz that's right and I was but that was like I was doing it probably more than enough yeah so we were you kind of like one of the the there's some people do this sort of proud of their drinking like they you know I can drink this so I can drink that and I don't know if that became part of your identity but that's that's where you can get into big trouble like you're proud of drinking a lot yeah and the people that I was working with for much the same to be honest with you they were very gifted and talented people from in the first chapter to public public a company called yeah FTC and we used to do a lot of business planning on the back of cocktail napkins and bars down and stayed out till ten o'clock at night it was just kind of part of the culture of our business at the time yeah yeah things things can go wrong so when did things really begin to go wrong for you well my drinking progressed yeah I think it's pretty common I think I was in control when I was in my early thirties mainly in control but as as time went on it just became more and more a part of my life and it give by the time I got to be in my late thirties early forties I was a functional alcoholic and by the end of my drinking I was a dysfunctional alcoholic so I was making decisions often when I wasn't as clear headed as I should have been and yeah it really impacted me that happen to me when I hired Alvin he knows that I've been very public but man album I'm sorry that will that will never happen again folks we've got to keep it like is this is a tough story will be right back talking to stew Pfullendorf the book is Wall Street to the well it ends up being a happy story stick around this is A. M. nine seven the answer partly cloudy skies sixty eight degrees in New York what's going on we have the answer activists are continuing to the bad NYPD commissioner James array of fire the officer involved in the death of Eric garner James weapon reports on Tuesday's rally in lower Manhattan we gathered outside police.

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