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News Washington West Virginia democratic senator Joe Manchin says if President Biden wants him to support build back better they need to talk There's been no conversations after I made my statement I think it's basically I was very clear I feel as strongly today as I did then The White House says that conversation will take place The South Korean military says North Korea fired what is presumed to be a ballistic missile toward the east sea You're listening to ABC News Stay connected stay informed 20 minutes of nonstop news continues on como news 1000 FM 97 7 could have been 6 O two and rain Downtown Seattle temperature now 39 I'm Alisa Jackie with Rick van syson here in the top stories from the como 24/7 news center Bruce harrell has been sworn in as Seattle's new mayor more from Cuomo's Jeff The official swearing in was on Saturday so today's event was just the ceremonial inauguration But it did give Harold the opportunity to outline his plans in a 20 minute speech and one of the biggest crises he faces is dealing with the homeless epidemic We will be intolerance not of the people who are on housed but the conditions that cause them to be unhoused During the campaign Harold adopted the compassion Seattle platform which requires the construction of thousands of units of affordable housing and mandates that the city keep public spaces clear of homeless encampments Jeff Poe de la come on use and and Davison beginning her trailblazing career as Seattle city attorney with a promise to get tough on gun crimes That part of our coverage from como's corwin hake Taking the oath of office in an online ceremony Davison calls it a proud moment for women and girls in Seattle For today we have broken a glass ceiling By swearing in the first female Seattle city attorney Having broken the glass Davison says she'll swiftly deal with lawbreakers especially when it comes to gun crime It is the duty of the city attorney's office to prosecute weapons charges and take guns off the street Davison defeated a so called abolitionist candidate last fall and now continues to press the need to prosecute all crimes even misdemeanors When we no longer enforce our laws we say our values have no meaning Corwin hake como news Despite the impending start of the state's legislative session a replacement for the late senator Doug Ericsson's 42nd district He has not been appointed The watkin county council met today to name a replacement but instead decided to have each of the three candidates answered a standardized list of questions for review prior to making the appointment The candidates include wattam county council member about an Ellen boss former Bellingham police department sergeant dijkstra Thompson and activist Simon sepsis The council set January 11th as the new appointment date And our komo news time now 6 O four And here's Marina with our traffic on the fours from the douban law group traffic center We still have slowdown southbound 405 in Bellevue from just north of I 90 towards Newcastle also sluggish south by the 5 curve north and high 5 is pretty tough all of a sudden between highway 16 and city center into coma and we have a problem in lacy north and I 5 at Pacific avenue X at one O 7 It looks like the right lane is blocked Your next como traffic at 6 14 From the 1530 mortgage dot com weather center here's como four meteorologist Shan O'Donnell Hi everybody It's Tuesday night here in western Washington and it is still warm enough for mainly rain along the metro area and the I 5 corridor tonight But tomorrow a different story We've got one more shot of cold air coming in via.

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