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The other kind of like main non-negotiable Doctrine within mormonism is the idea that there is continued revelation. So they believe that they have. The president of the mormon church is an actual profit with the same prophetic authority as the prophets of the old testament in they have twelve apostles. They believe hold. The exclusive apostolic authority as the apostles in the new testament. Did so not only do. They claim that authority but they claim the right to give mankind the word of god and to mediate between god and man and to deliver new scripture and new revelation. Until the problem is is. You can't just go to the bible or the book of mormon you have continued. Revelation and that revelation will very often contradict revelation that has been previously given but we are asked to trust in the continued revelation. Anything else that to me is the key right because i think most christians believe and continued revelation and others. I could hear from god today. God could say to me cross the street and talk to that person that's possible but it can never ever contradict scripture if in any way contradicts the scripture. I know it's not revelation from heaven but revelation from hell or some other bad place. And i think that that's the key right there. There are many people that that say god speaks today. He's alive and he can speak to me and he can. He can speak to others in a prophetic way. But if it ever contradicts what the bible says. Then you know. It's not god and you're saying that specifically and clearly mormon teaching is different correct correct so like jon says first john four a verse one beloved tests the spirits to see whether they are from god for many false prophets have gone out into the world and so we have to test anything that anybody says as truth against the written word of god right but in mormonism. You don't do that. You test actually test truth against what the modern day prophets and apostles are preaching and teaching and so and not only. Is it a revelation. We're talking about like god by the holy spirit is active in our lives right into direct says to do things but we're talking about. They believe that. God command scripture and commandments. Through these men that they have that prophetic authority like isaiah had to write and record scripture and that is the infallible word of god. That is what they claim. That's the authority that they claim to have. We are out of time. What a joy. Michael wild get to know you little bit. The folks that bush passport to.

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