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Right from your phone. Folks, you know, I suck introductions. But this man, luckily, doesn't really need much of one. He's been reoccurring guest. Probably one of the funniest guys. We've had on tell you with his dog shadow to his puppy. Eddie Vedder Vetter. Sorry. Welcome back to the bug cast anything welcome back. So we're out here in LA. We're in Venice, you're in Manhattan beach teddy brought us over to a little members only clubs out yesterday. Talk about living, dude this place. You can see the water the labar great food like you're living here. This is life. I got lucky out-smarted the league for too long and now on the left coast. And you also said to me yesterday. Like, I thought it was cool when I went to play in Florida and Tampa. But no, then I realize like LA's where you wanna be Manhattan. Yeah. I didn't realize came from new Philander Asli. What was in Saskatchewan main, Cedar Rapids, Iowa like? Any couldn't have picked a worse places of play. And then I came out here. I was like, oh, wow. DNA chills best. And then I was like, oh, but I couldn't afford to place. They got traded around. I'm like, oh, Florida's close to home Florida's nice. And then I came back out here at the end of my career looking back it probably shouldn't assigned here because I might have a chance to be playing right now. But because I'm living here now, I'm happy. So it's like it worked out timing is everything and you bought a spot here. I did spot. That's why I went to rush actually because Boston was didn't want to take it to way. And then twenty cash it's more than a bunch of cash just wanted to buy off my house saw Russia. So four months. It was worth the four years. Okay. Because you hear horror stories about guys not getting paid their full amount of money. You of course did. And I remember you said you left your gear there. Yeah. Voice. Have this wreck hockey rink every Friday, and it's a good bunch of old like suray who was just on skis. Derek Armstrong stoli. Yeah. Heater- who's my favorite? I think like Jerry bruckheimer skates. He can't he can't play. But he scores like nine goals a game. I think he's he's like the North American Putin. Yeah. Exactly. Where like Jerry bruckheimer. Of course. He's like one of the co owners Seattle. What do they call them the Seattle Krankl? I hope they end up being the cracking or crack, I guess everyone's leaning towards the Sakai's. Okay. So I don't mind Sakai's, Jerry bruckheimer, of course, one of the I would say is one of the majority owners of I think so. Yeah, you owns like all this movie stuff out here and all that stuff. He loves hockey. He throws Jerry bruckheimer hockey tournaments. I don't know if they're still going. I went to two years of these place..

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