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Three hundred sixty m the answer i know there's a lot of excitement around the world about france versus croatia i don't i don't know why i that strikes me as funny but i look is this is going to be one of the worldwide dramatic and fascinating moments with the world cup and then after france and croatia what we have it's belgium in britain traditional allies by the way but we will see your update on the world cup just wanted to show through the disagreeing emailer yesterday how hip i am about soccer matches i didn't say games okay speaking of games the louisville football stadium now known as cardinal stadium that's university of louisville it's now known as cardinal stadium and had been known as papa john's stadium apparently because one of the things about john schnatter the the principal at papa john's was fairly charitable guy and yes he was a donor to the trump campaign and yes he was a donor before that to the romney campaign he's a conservative and he describes himself as an evangelical christian and i think it's worth noting that what got him into so much trouble they haven't released to the very best of my knowledge we've looked for it the actual audio recording of the conference call that basically ended his career but in that recording he was talking about horrible racial incidents that occurred were black people were burned and beaten up and dragged behind trucks he was not endorsing them he was condemning them and in the context of saying about how these things were once acceptable in their horrible things and he referred again to black people dragged to death behind trucks like james bird if you remember that incident when it's time now that he was condemning it and then he also said that and colonel sanders at one time used to call them and then he used the n word except he really used the n word he didn't just say n word he used to call them and that's the end this is the most powerful word in the world right now you cannot use it now there was already controversy regarding john schnatter because big sponsor of big time sports with papa john's and he had been very outspoken against the people who were demonstrating for black lives matter kneeling and dishonoring the anthem okay lot of us were outspoken about that including the president of the united states here's the part that amazes me the fallout from papa john's founder john schnatter's admission that he used the n word continue this week a several major league baseball teams suspended their ties with a pizza chain schnatter fiftysix apologized for his comments wednesday and resigned as chairman of the board of the company following a forbes report about remarks he made in may schnatter acknowledge the report was accurate the washington nationals on friday became at least the sixth mlb team to suspend their promotional deals with a chain saying the statement that they do not condone discrimination of any kind look sports should be sensitive to this i remember when adam jones who's a great player for the baltimore orioles i believe it was he was in boston and right now when you think about the baltimore orioles versus the boston red sox you don't have the best team in baseball versus the worst team in baseball but adam jones without worst team and apparently there were people in the stands who were shouting and word at when he was in the outfield and not acceptable it isn't but the idea that once this guy has quit and he's resigned is this a bit of an overreaction and by the way the seattle mariners are one of those baseball teams that have canceled their relationship with papa john let's go to your calls and to jill in phoenix arizona jillian medved show hey michael i agree with you that i don't think that word should be used by anybody in our society ever and so i thank you for clarifying the circumstances in which he said that word or in what you said the word the question i have is so so we cannot even be set in a quote it's like it's turned into voldemort like cannot say that name he shell shell matvey name that that is that is correct and so the problem then is what about other areas where like for instance mark twain's work because i've already heard that there are school districts now banning huckleberry now they've been.

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