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A steph curry three and those are just pack breakers because you think okay we're right there with you and then three points the other way career goes nine for seventeen on threes that's a finals record ray allen had eight seven rebounds eight assists sixteen points in the fourth quarter made every shot he took in the fourth k d didn't play well in game one twenty six points at ten fourteen klay thompson despite the gimpy ankle scored twenty javale mcgee six for six who javale mcgee yeah he's a he's a little bit of jr smith is the warriors version of jr smith jr avail he has done some crazy things on the court in his days like in washington a lot of people used to make fun of him but here's a guy who played three minutes the entire series against the rockets and then they've all women the starting lineup six for six shaun livingston yet to miss a shot in the series he's nine for nine coming off the bench for golden state so they're up to nothing headed the cleveland for game three on wednesday we talked about it was kind of predictable the cavs had their chance to win a game on the road in game one didn't seal the deal with the overturn call and the missed free throw and the jr smith the situation not knowing the score that was it that was it didn't know the score he said he knew he was in the score but many then he said well i don't know what i thought is that a better explanation than the first one.

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