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Over. If she wins, I've gotta clean Rosie the cat's litter box for a full week. If I if I win, she's going to do the dishes for a full week. So that's how it's gonna break down. That's a good bet. I did hear D A, by the way, also that you did not shovel out your front of your house to get at your front door. But you did shovel a pathway to the grill. I was told that reports out of Warwick in New York last night. That those were the important things that need to be shovel more on that story. Coming with your trash Tuesday in a few seconds here, Andrew Ball, Gish, who are you trashing? I'm gonna trash myself this week. Today, my sweet little seven year old boy needed a haircut really, really badly. And, um, the barber that we would only go to I don't know how much I trusted these days. Our neighborhoods also been hard hit recently with covert so trusted. Why you don't trust the cut. No, no, no, no, no, I just they're doing their best t be safe, but like the other people, But the customers aren't always so I'm trying to keep my kid out of the barber shop as much as possible. Right? But we got the point where he needed a haircut. He looked like he was some kind of delinquent. Now after me. And my trimmer and my untrained head shaving skills. He might look worse because it's all on even the front of his hair is weird. There's still some here over one year, but not the other. The bat he would let me buzz the back So he still is growing a bit of a mullet back here. So he again he may look worse than he did when we set out to clean up his haircut, and I just I couldn't have done a worse so I had to stop. Form it any worse than it already was. So I'm trashing myself this week. All right, trash, Vogue's Hold your nose. That's some smelly rubbish. Connor Green. Who are you trashing? What is there the trash in your life? You're living the high life these days living out of a hotel in crushing full pizza pies for dinner. Well, d a. I hate to do it. But I have to trash pizza places around New York City. You know, I'm looking around yesterday. We have one little nor'easter. One little historic nor'easter. One little state of emergency. And everybody shuts down and I can't get pizza. I'm a man in need and I can't get pizza and I'm looking around. We have nothing. I feel like Peyton Manning in the early two thousands. I'm red hot. The offense is on fire. Then we go to Fox Burrow and we get shut down by the snow. If not for the snow D a. I would have made history. Two full pies in two nights in a row. And instead, Ah little nor'easter. A little state of emergency shuts everything down, So get the state of emergency out and get the snow out. Weak ass pizza places around Manhattan. Trash of illegal dumping. So what did you end up eating for dinner last night? So at first, what I did is I ordered a burger delivered with delivery. But of course, that was a terrible decision because I don't even know what happened because it just never showed up. I called the place. They said you gotta be patient, buddy. I said be patient. I ordered the Burger Ford a half hours ago. I've been pretty patient. You know, I get I get there's no, it was a terrible decision to order delivery. So then it just never showed up. I don't know whether or not I should ask for a refund or file a missing persons report for my delivery driver. I don't know what to do. So I finally got a burger from the hotel restaurant downstairs, and that place was packed because I think it was like the only place open in the area. So it was really ford a half hours later, and they told you to be patient on your order. Yeah, I ordered at 12 40, cause I wanted it for lunch, and then it just didn't get there. I dozed off for a few minutes. I woke up. I still didn't get a call. So I called him like 4 30. I was like, Hey, you know, I don't mean to be a bother. I'm just wondering if maybe you had an update or and he just goes Be patient, buddy. And I said, Okay, and I'm thinking in my head I've been I mean, it's 4.5 hours. You know that time I get this burg early breakfast the next morning. Oh, that's phenomenal. All right. I am trashing my own instincts here when when it's cold and snowy. I think I click in to some, like 12.

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