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And I think what happened over time. It was getting harder and harder and I'm not talking about the policy issues. Even impeachment necessarily it was when you attack people using the power of the presidency to attack individuals so viciously personally over time. That is just not the Christians will accept as good behavior and I think that loss of that that he didn't grow into the office he kind of doubled down on what got him there. And I think that's what you're seeing in. That article is some confusion some disappointment. And some of these folks. And maybe maybe we need to rethink this. It's not that he you can't get over this but I do think it's a crash that they're going to have to pay attention to coming up. A republican state rep accused of domestic terrorism. The trump like defense. He's using as he refuses refuses to resign in our national lead. If impeachment wasn't enough to convince you how divisive and undivided politics has become a Washington state. Republican lawmaker is accused of domestic terrorism as CNN. Sarah signer reports. He's refusing to resign and he's using President President Trump's impeachment tactics as his defense thank you. Mr Speaker seeks to put this to vote of the people stunning finding this Washington. Washington State Republican lawmaker facing accusations of domestic terrorism against the country. He swore to serve. That's according to an investigation commission by the Washington State Legislature Article One is adopted and the state rep is using president trump's impeachment as part of his defense the state has now forwarded the report against State House Representative Match Shay to the FBI and US attorney the five month long pro bounds shape participated in an act of domestic terrorism against against the United States engaged in and supported the training of youth and young adults to fight a holy war and advocated the replacement of democracy with theocracy and the killing of all males. Who Do not agree? The investigation also cited Shays engagements with the Bundy family anti-government activists who call for armed resistance in the takeover of federal lands. The report lists Shays militant actions across three states in two thousand fourteen in Bunkerville Nevada. In two thousand fifteen in Priest River Idaho and in January twenty sixteen in Burns Oregon Shea engage with militia members in the planning of an armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Wildlife Refuge. That incident ended with federal and state law enforcement moving into remove armed militia members and ultimately killing militia member Robert Lavar finicky after a police chase last night shade defended himself in a statement on facebook saying in part like we are seeing with our president. This is a sham investigation. Gatien he added. I will not back down I will not give in. I will not resign so house. Republican leadership has suspended representative additive Shea from the Caucus and removes his ranking position on a key committee the Republicans saying and noting that investigators mentioned that he didn't respond onto their request for an interview for their report. He also did not return. CNN's calls Brianna. Sarah thank you so much for that report and be sure to tune in the Sunday morning for state of the Union. The guests twenty twenty Democratic presidential candidate. Senator Amy Klobuchar Republican Senator Roy Blunt and Democratic Senator Dick Durbin that is at nine. Am and twelve PM Eastern on Sunday and our coverage on CNN continues right now so you can still send an amazing gift. This holiday season with Omaha steaks. They'll get delicious tender stakes to share remember and love and you'll get the satisfaction action of knowing you sent a special holiday gift if you act right now. podcast listeners can get the favored gift package for just sixty nine ninety nine go to Omaha on stakes DOT COM and type the lead in the search bar. You're happy friends and family will open their door and find a cooler packed. With deliciously tender filet mignon stakes aches plus premium meats sides and desert. They'll be excited when it arrives and think of you. Every time they prepare and enjoy their meals Omaha. steaks is a fifth generation. honoration American family owned company. That's been handcrafting. Incredible state gifts for one hundred two years and every package is unconditionally. Guaranteed so you can send this gift with complete confidence when you order right now with this exclusive offer. You'll get four Omaha. steaks burgers added your gift for free. That's sixteen main courses. Plus sides in desert. Christmas delivery options are still available. But don't delay order your Omaha. steaks favored gift package for. Just sixty ninety nine by typing the lead in the search bar at Omaha steaks DOT com today..

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