Marlon Mack, Sunland, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Tomorrow call three one seven eight five two nine one five three four appointment today I've met bear with traffic on the five followers on whatever W. why BC traffic forty two degrees in the American standard heating weather center the time is seven thirty six called sections tonight well I'm good to go that could be good news Marlon Mack will not be because of that broken hand so it's a dumped on the planet some thought my suggestion I'm just suggesting don't be playing him I should be a a good game should be worth the watch we went in sole possession of first place in the in the AFC NFC south exactly where we would be should be seven and four lot of a lot of great possibilities going for our still high in the same still high on this team so we had a master Sunland he was testifying yesterday he gave Democrats or what they need but he didn't say anything we didn't already know it started off very rough I absolutely there was a quid pro quo I didn't I don't like because Rudy Giuliani anyone work with Rudy Giuliani we felt we had to work with Rudy Giuliani otherwise we couldn't get anything done that's the feeling that I got very much about his feelings not about things the president actually said nothing about what the president actually said if you wanna know what the president actually said well that's easy he actually did one of those shop oppressors as a hammer Nigel call it and he read the transcript from ambassador someone's what's going on in terms of testimony with ambassadors I guess one thing I would say that means it's all over.

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