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On human health and on the environment, including contributing to climate change, requiring the labels was a mostly symbolic move by the Cambridge city council, officials have no idea whether the warnings are having an impact on anyone's behavior, but they may at least be raising awareness. Transportation is the sector with the biggest greenhouse gas footprint in the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency says cars and trucks account for the lion's share of emissions. That means weaning drivers off of gas powered cars will be critical to the fight against climate change. Increasing the affordability of electric vehicles will help, Cambridge officials think they're reminders to drivers could also help, it can't hurt and it's easy to do one city council member says she doesn't understand why the idea hasn't taken off. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio. What is dedication? The thing that drives me every day is a day is very annoying. We call them day to day for short. Every day he's hungry for something, whether it's attention, affection, knowledge, and there's this huge responsibility and making sure that when he's no longer under my wing, that he's a good person. I think the advice I would give is you don't need to know all the answers. The craziest thing was believing that your dad knew everything. So as a dad, you felt like you had to know everything. You had to get everything right. It's okay to make mistakes. As long as it's coming from love, then, you know, it kind of starts to work itself out. I want him to be able to

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