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That the first since 2010 so congratulations on that victory i wish i could provide some sort of odd takes on it but i don't know what to him tang apoe true true basketball and i fatos zero dead to the college basketball this year it's not that much of a college basketball fan yes i know i went to syracuse comes of slack d do you think will i know the answer to this but i wanna ask you is houston eight bandwagon sports town because i see people on my time line who lavigne's seat talk about the cougars back while seen all year can you blame couvert fans are being a little bandwagoning i think a lot of people grew up rooting for texas or texas saying and either they didn't get into those two schools or they couldn't afford to go to those two schools and you go to the university of houston and navy there your secondary team and when they're doing really well which is not that often you root for them join lindsey now hurt yes seeking about that race okay ekapat down although the banderas i i think i think part of it is that the cougars are never anyone's at primary team when you've grown up ruining for somebody else but i think for some people that actually went to the school they did taken on it's a weird dynamic growing up going a high school in the state and then when you get rejected or donen of going to the college that you want to go to like i when i was in florida for high school there's so many people that wanted to go to florida which is the best state school in the in the in the in florida university florida florida state is a club is a distant second and then everything after that is really really below that central florida south florida etcetera and a lot of people that were die hard florida fans got rejected by florida at one to florida state became die hard florida state fans out of spite which i thought was an interesting dynamic but i think when we're talking about cougar fans i think i can understand why when the teams usually aren't that competitive from a basketball or football standpoint over the last twenty years or so you can understand why that's that's the mindset like guy i don't i don't i don't eight.

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