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You II be C w ibc ht to W F and I Indianapolis time now for the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500. He's throughout the racing world and the epicentre was here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but bigger President of Penske Corporation Carl Fischer first have the vision to build a universe Motor Speedway in 1909. Some 18. Years later, Eddie Rickenbacker purchased the speedway before Tony home and home of the company became the owners of the world's most famous race track. In 1945. Holmen George the home a new company. Families have been the stewards of this rate Speedway for 70 years and Mohr And today we're excited, announced there be 1/4 on her operator of a six Doric Then you This historic iconic facility that host some of the biggest races on the planet. The purchase would include I AMs Productions, the NTT IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Tony George, representing the home of George Family, was understandably emotional. Bittersweet but very exciting for us because we know that we're passing the torch to an individual who Has created an organization that is not only dynamic, but it's ideally suited, I think to take over the stewardship. A corporation that that this family Involved much like ours. But with a track record. That is really without compare, so we're very excited, Tio. Being a place where you know process took us to a point where we as a family all agreed we needed Have a conversation with Roger Penske. It all began with a race day conversation to the paddock at the 2019 season finale. A couple of emails at a few meetings later, the agreement in principle was reached. Covenant company and now, pesky entertainment CEO Mark Miles said before looking forward, it is important to understand the significance of the past. We have 260 people or so that work either. At the speedway or in the car or I miss productions, and it's fair to say that every day people understood that whatever progress we were making was Based on what had come before us. So before we say anything about the last few years, we just want to recognize that it was really everything that came before us and gave us the opportunity to try to make more progress and achieve more growth. While Roger Penske it's the realization of the great American Dream, a dream, he says, began when he was a young race and right here, I really have to wind back to 1951. When my dad brought me here and I was 14 years old. I guess at that point, the bug of motor racing, you know, got in my blood I have to say and to think about What it's meant to our company. The brand that we've been able to build this interesting. I talked to Mario Andretti and talk to a J. Foyt. We all agreed that you know what the Indianapolis 500 meant to us is is individuals and his company. And certainly our company. I think that what it really says that in the United States of America That if you work hard You're committed. You have a great group of people. You get great success. Penske. No stewardship of this ground facility is not to be taken lightly. I've got a big commitment here to take over certainly is the steward. Of this great organization and what's been done here in the past for so many decades, and you know it's my commitment to the home and family to the fact that you'd select us. Is the opportunity to take on this investment. It's amazing as if this task weren't daunting enough. The 2020 and TT IndyCar season was about to begin when a worldwide pandemic arrived and disrupted every aspect of our lives even begin to get apple. Those 500. Sinskey Entertainment, the NTT IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway worked tirelessly with local, state and federal officials to schedule and reschedule for a while, It looked as though a percentage of fans will be allowed to attend the 104th one together. Indianapolis 500. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was decided to do what's been a hallmark of the Siri's at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway put safety first for the first time ever. The Indianapolis 500 mile race will be contested without fans in attendance..

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