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And rowdy in the room tonight. Folks if you were you could have been a part of the pre show discussion roof between the other two guys on this show. I don't know they were in the same room. I'd have been to blows but anyway let's bring those two individuals weighing in. I'm not gonna guess brian. Anthony davis podcast. What's up brian. Dave eats dirt any other corner waiting in. And i'm not gonna gas dave scofield. The editor steel curtain day. Hey if someone else thinks that they can understand numbers better than me. They could try try. That's why i sat there and laugh. Okay let's get this show on the road all right. The pittsburgh steelers are wanna know. We talked about that ad nauseam. This week it's now time to start to turn our attention to the las. Vegas raiders coming to pittsburgh at heinz field in week two. It's it's before we get started. I want to get urologist overall. Gist of this game. There's there's the fans that are like michael beck. Michael beck has been saying. He said it in his live. Mike podcasts on tuesday. He reiterated that to me on. Let's ride when he was on with me. Let's ride on a friday debut on our audio side. He thinks game's laugher. He thinks it's going to be a blow out double digit win for the double digit lead. Win for the steelers. How do you all think this game is gonna play. I don't want predictions right now. But i'm just thinking how you feeling about this game as we sit here on thursday night. Brian will serve with you. I feel that this is a very dangerous game. And the reason i'm saying. That is because the raiders could come in with a very bad team. We've seen it in two thousand nine with prescribed cousy. We saw in two thousand eighteen when everything broke down and everything went wrong. Josh dobbs was in there the broken x ray machines. Ray machine gained chris. Boswell falling down where we lost that game sitting next to how you know what not invited anymore after tonight. We're allowed to fight a lot of talent. when you're being poopie head. I mean yeah but you know it's dangerous now. I remember week to in two thousand to one brian. Anthony davis did not know that he was sitting among greatness when he was there. Because one tony jeff was in the house too and the steelers were supposed to roll in that game. And the raiders. Silly things happened in that game too. It always seems like silly things happen. Then lynn swann. Blew me off in the concourse and i swore i would never vote for him again and i didn't so i cursed him in the few thousand four election but with that being said this is a team that just played the baltimore ravens and we were rooting hard for this team the other night and they had no business winning that game two or three times they had they screwed up and they kept on getting second chances in that game i stayed up for the entire thing and when you come away with a victory like that one of two things happen you wanna to get cocky or to. You're like wait a second we can do this. And it's not the cockiness. It's the fact that you're out there and youth you you get that mojo and you feel like you're going to be able to do so much more. They have some stars on that team. That i think are really tough. One on defense one on offense and they. You cannot overlook this team. So don't get cocky steelers after that week one win when you were not exactly stellar okay. So you found my camp Dave are you in the jeff hartmann. Be careful in this game or you in the michael back. This game is going to be pretty easy. I am definitely more in the jeff. Hartmann camp I guess the best way to say it is. I probably had more confidence in the steelers with this game before last week. If you know what. I mean because now it almost seems like the expectations are so much more and it doesn't mean that the steelers do it. Because i'm going to say it all the time. The i feel the steelers can absolutely win every game but i also see where they could absolutely lose it as well when you look at it game by game. There's a reason you can see it as you go. And and sorry. Love michael beck but if you remember last year he was convinced way. Steelers could come up anywhere short of the afc jp agip game and we all know how that played out. That's what happens when you're so certain that a team was going to do well but it doesn't matter how certain we are. What we don't want is the steelers feeling that way yet. I mean this team and really. I'd not every can say they can win every single game. Play the steelers. I believe are in that category. Every team can lose every game as well. I mean you turn the ball over and some. We'll get to that. We're going to get what i want to talk about today. Though in this podcast least for the first half is think back to last week. Who are some players. That did not play bless. Just say up to your standard and need to improve their game in some way shape or form. This is completely subjective. You can pick whoever you like and you give your own justification. That's your list. It doesn't matt. So dave always pooh-poohed gona brian. i. I'm gonna go to dave. I civil making equities important dave. Gimme a player that you feel like needs to play better this sunday at hinds you okay. Well i'm gonna. I'm not gonna give dave answer. I'm just gonna kinda change up. How i'm looking at it because you know i'm a numbers guy. I'm not saying i'm not saying that. This player didn't play well. But i would like to see based on opportunity and everything else i would like to see more numbers from najji harris. I would like to see you know more yards more. We're not going to say anymore. A greater number and percentage of offensive snaps. Because you can't you can't top. That would because he was out there every snap. But i'm just saying even overall yards like make those connections on the short passes to where he can. He can get some yards in in the passing game as well. I'm not saying that. i think that. Oh he didn't do. You didn't step up. And i'm not saying that i'm saying just like to see more of a numbers production Based on the offensive game plan. Yeah for sure. I could see that. Yeah absolutely absolutely brian What do you think he's a player that you want to see a little bit better this..

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