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Spall donates all the proceeds from the sale of these uniforms the merchandise to organizations that support families who have relatives who have died in the military so i think that what i learned about that that was good and i learned really to to solidify in my mind the meaning of memorial day and it's different than veterans day and it's different than other holidays that commemorate different people who are in the military now but it really is a day to commemorate and remember the people who died and they died for freedom and it goes back to you know the early parts of this country to fight for freedom to fight for religious freedom the freedom of speech and the freedom to live your life and the country was built on that and the country was built on people coming from all over the world a little group that came from england now was it well they turned into two hundred fifty or three hundred million and they've all come from someplace and that's what the country is all about and people died over these centuries so protect that right to come into the country and be part of the country and to be free and to be able to say what you want and do what you want and and have someone tell you what you can say and what you can do and have the police come to your house in the middle of the night and take people away and all that stuff and i just thought about it we really solidified that over the weekend and talking about it and i look at the cemeteries and i think of the the people who died on the beaches of normandy in world war two who died in the trenches and the forest and the gas attacks in world war one the the young kids who got caught up in vietnam who weren't in college and didn't have deferments and and became the the guys that i was with at fort jackson in south carolina when i was going home as an us army reserve is these guys were going to vietnam and to the people who fought in afghanistan.

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