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At detailer in sun we've noticed the guys really like to have not one but two wedding bands one former band in one casual band right now ID Geller inside you can buy one and get the second free read more about the free ring program at D. Geller dot com coming up with the Atlanta symphony orchestra Davis conductor Thomas Sondergaard presents a program of Nordic treasures including Edvard Grieg's dazzling piano concerto February twenty seven to twenty nine details today SO dot O. R. G. classical series presented by Delta Air Lines which which actually deals presents a sales back John George accurate dot com take events one point nine percent APR on the all time best unless you get you get eleven twenty twenty Acura MDX Georgia Acura dealers dot com details hi this is Wes moss from money matters there's so much to think about when it comes your retirement planning investments tax planning estate planning planning for healthcare I found that about one third of investors manage all of it completely on their own the other two thirds of investors partner with some sort of financial professional to oversee the entire process early retirees in particular have all these things to think about in addition to generating a steady income from their investments it's a lot to think about so if you would like a partner in this fight I love you to come talk to my team at capital investment advisors were right in say the springs we love to help you navigate your financial journey whatever that looks like for you schedule your appointment with us at your wealth dot com that's why O. U. R. wealth dot com Eric's IRS troubles were nasty at ten years of unpaid tax returns all the money in taxes you know I started getting letters and unbelievably complex actually so complicated that if you don't pay a tax professional bigger taxes you're gonna screw up this was such a complex problem I did not think anybody could our whole life was about to go down the drain so he called up to my tax relief to make sense out of a huge disaster and Optimus Dr to say the least Eric was very relieved I got mail out water that's for sure Optimus made me a boatload of money and got me out of a.

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