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Protects the puck bounces away second effort to center ice and Trevor daily. Got it back inside his own zone. Stealing the puck Haggerty. He opened the scoring in the first period comes out towards center ice. It's knocked away from Thomas. The Paula Deen daily Kaiser picked up your system at even strength goal. The big power forward. Michael Rasmusen play center ice can also play the wing. Recent shot that puck into the upper right hand corner. Now mantha feet in front. Here's a chance in the wing score. Again, it's after the CU who put it into the empty net after pulling the goaltender dismiss and all of a sudden, it's a two to one Detroit lead. He barely missed all that to speed just got great hand eye coordination. Andrea after this year to get a dangerous play with the wings and the Russian row smart pass time. Anthony mantha get almost look to redo that time Andrea going in and speaking Casey, the Smith and tapping Pucallpa inside the goalposts wings have a two one league. Nice speed by mantha and a good move to finish it after the see you and the timely goal. Six minutes and seven seconds. So two goals. Two minutes apart and the Red Wings have taken the lead to two one and much of the game the between Phillips Edina, Michael Rasmusen. Rebelling. Anthony mantha Tyler for much of the first two periods. Talkline coming right back with Microsoft only line right now producing offense. But this Bush. Malkin lays it over the line. Here's kessel moving into the Red Wings. Oh, Detroit with two goals in a two minute span of taking the lead to to what kessel down low into the corner doubled out in front broken up. Roenick ties up his man, that's Carl Haglund outcomes to Mata his shot was blocked in the wings. Come back to on one over the blue line. That's Rasmussen P fire the shot, the Smith will the save, and he had the Dina working in on the left side that time but elected to shoot go for Michael Rasmussen starts with a block shot back in his own zone. Not a good play again. But I only met a couple of times done that in the first period tonight away the racist down the right side and make the right decision. Let the shot go cases the Smith looking back at them lose with that close to taking a two-goal Bosnia action thirteen twenty three to play in the second period. It's now the Red Wings too. The penguins won the says Detroit Red Wings hockey at Blue Cross Blue shield of Michigan and blue care network..

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