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California, Officer, Jim Rupert discussed on Red Eye Radio


Shooting people tonight started at about five forty one PM a there were reports shooting on the north side the garlic festival right hi officers were in that area an engaged the suspect in less than a minute the suspect wide shot by in killed witnesses describe chaos and panic at the scene this witness says his thoughts turned was family as the shooting was happening it was it was very scary I was texting my family and telling them I love them because I had no idea what was going to happen looking for possible second suspect who may have a company that government at the attack I'm only a Francis in California to teens were accused of killing an Italian police officer after an alleged altercation involving a stolen backpack in the demand for drugs and money Jim Rupert for eighteen year old Gabriel Christian a tally Hjorth a nineteen year old Finnegan Lee elder are alleged to have stabbed a thirty five year old officer several times police say the two confessed to the crime after the officer and other officers responded to an altercation it was the two American boys are accused of demanding drugs and money from the owner of a back pack the two it's stolen Gloria keenly in San Francisco was a neighbor of the nineteen year old American I've never seen him do one final thing elders family released a statement saying that they are shocked and dismayed and expressed condolences to the officer's family he will be buried at the same church in which she was married just over a month ago I'm Jim wrote a woman in line to replace Porter Rico's governor says she doesn't want the job instead just as secretary warned of ask questions is urging governor Ricardo will sail to appoint the secretary of state before he resigns Friday a million Francis radio seventy.

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California, Officer, Jim Rupert discussed on Red Eye Radio

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