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Jackson Dart, along with Jake Smith, who was a wide receiver on US East team this year are the 6th and 7th Trojans to have been named the national Football Player of the Year in high school. The others. Only one of which was a true star at USC. That was Matt Barkley. Jeff Byers Offensive line was very good high school Gatorade Player of the year. That's just naming all of them for U. S. C. Uh, I thought Barkley is the only one that was truly outstanding in his USC career. It was named Player of the year in High school football buyers, I think was very, very good. Graduated from USC going for his man. I think he's back in school looking for his master's in business school. Ah, you've also got Mitch Mustain, who was okay Good. His own documentary Dart with two backs will run himself and nobody was fooled, and he was tackled by stone. You also had Barkley Dimension Max Brown. No offense to match. We didn't finish his career at USC, and I don't think you're great at USC. Then JT Daniels, who is an outstanding quarterback, but it was never great at USC. He's good in his short time. How long when did they start? The Gatorade Player of the year? I don't think it was a thing when I was a kid. Was it when you wouldn't think it was a thing when we were we had the parade. All American was the That was the big deal or getting USA today? Yeah, First team getting picture in the paper. Yeah. Dart on second. After losing a couple will throw over the middle complete man Jack gets away at the fifties, Got some wheels. Of the 40 keeps running backwards as they try to bring him down, and they can't until he gets all the way to the Washington State 34 yard line. Joseph Man Jack with Trayvon Brown at Linfield Christians, Marino Valley and making the tackle and a big gainer There gives the Trojans first intent at the Cougar 34 You like to see that two young men who you're going to see for a while here at USC connecting early in their careers Ingram with carry inside the 30, the 28 picks up six Mujaheed defensive tackle with the tackle. His last play was a 42 yard game for Dart and man, Jack. And that puts start over 3 50 looking at four bills today, Maybe Ingram Surveying the scene around the left side, They pushed the rugby pile forward to the 27 Stone and Quinn Roth out of San Marcos. I makes the tackle Northern California kids. And it will be third and Long to 2.5. Maybe even three. Clock. Yeah, 56 still to go. So I guess my point is being national player of the year doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be great. You know, you can do better than the poke in the eye with a stick I need you were great. At least alipay, either one back dart fakes it to him throws awkward throw and it's complete Jackson. Trip. Jackson makes the catch inside the 25 22 strike up the band with fight on. It's the first down us see first job. Good job. Jackson started getting that one out defenders right in the space and probably even got a hand on it. But he still gets it there and John Jackson with the nice body work to get it for the first half handoff, Alipay I. There's nowhere to go. He tries to go around the right side, but the gang tackled there is some woods. Among others looked like Langford was in there as well. No game second down in 10 have a kind of reversal of situations for the Trojans First two games. Looking pretty good in the run game to get the ball moving. Not.

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