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Got apple. So is maroon pot by playing the Super Bowl or what. I don't know. I've heard nothing. Why would why would you know khloe? I texted that she read that before you met Adam, you guys emailed back and forth for months. How did he get your info khloe wants to in which state awkward after all that e mailing. So he got my information through a mutual friend. Okay. Who he was trying to get a girlfriend music video. I end up couldn't I couldn't do it by. We start emailing and they was like weeks and weeks. And then Finally, I went to a life for a job and we met and it was honestly less awkward. We feel like we knew each other. It was kind of love it. I I because we had that constant kind of back and forth. So I kind of. I love it for site when I saw my first learn five music too, but it wasn't real. That's the real outsize of Orange County. Everything, sunny and warm and Jamaica, except for timber Emily and Gina's conversation about Shannon. Take a look. Join the dancing, Shannon tried not enjoyed it, but so warm up, it just takes a little time. I understand it takes time, but it's like she will tell us everything about her, but it takes time to give that up feel like with a friendship like needs to be reciprocate. I dunno Eddie's tells me I'm like an enabler when it comes to her because I feel sorry for her. That's just it. You adapted to her sort of like meeting the middle, like of friendship. He's sour Shannon. Okay, mortar, calm from Jamaica. Let's go to Johnny from Chicago. Eight, Johnny. What your question. Hey, Andy, I have mad lover tamra, but my question is for Bahati. I know you're, I know you're a big banner pump rules fan. Who's engagement do you think will last longer laws or Jackson britney's..

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