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He's super super young and raw So my guess is, yeah. He will probably stick in kind of a multi inning reliever all. which can be good in deeper formats. NL only like is a guy who might sneak a win like I did in tout wars last night with a sneaky little. Streaming Jeff off at home versus the giants But yeah, I mean I think he's the the hard part. Is I mean? This is one of the best bullpens baseball. Yeah, and Patina trying to crack that I was GONNA say it's also a team that likes to pull their starters. The moment there's trouble, and so that means like if someone gets pulled after four and two thirds Patino Cal contrel are the guys that are probably really. Luis Perdomo are the guys who are coming in and they can get some sneaky wins. Exactly panics the only real real horse. Who can regularly be counted on to go six seven? Lament especially, if you got left is in that line up, he can be a five and dive richards. We know his health to, he could be horse ish if he is cooking and everything's going well, but and then, and then Zach Dave is standard, five inning guy enjoy location should really be like a four pitch. Guy Right now. Not that he has four pitches in his arsenal and then he gets to throw for pitches because. The lapenne to like. I. Think. He has to get to the bowl like again. What I think he gets one more start, and if it doesn't show like major turnaround against Arizona good landing spot right now, they're not hitting anything. Then he could hang onto it a little bit longer. Do you think like the Rangers general manager just salivate over like they're also resource page on their open? Like you know he's just like, Oh, man, I wish I had you. Yes, oh without a doubt without a doubt example just looks at it and I. It's unbelievable and you know, Chris, when we're just like looks and say if I just had one of these guys you. Give me the old guy, Gimme Craig Stamm in thirty six years old and I would feel like I have somebody to go to because they don't have anything. So it's it's not great over there. Last bit of Prospect News Howard potentially up this weekend, we don't have anything guaranteed on that, but what is your outlook on? On Spencer Howard, how interested would you be in such a day? I'm super interested in Spencer Howard I mean really impressive throughout you know his minor league career I think he's a guy that could come up and you know just be very, very good. Right away I mean he's got four like you know average two plus pitches. Decent Command for a guy, his age. I mean Philadelphia's not the greatest place to pitch. especially with the level of competition, he's going to be facing but I mean I, think you're going to get strikeouts, I think he. Should be able to keep the ball in the yard because he has. Pretty much is entire minor league career except for like the tiniest of a sample, a rookie ball in two, thousand, nineteen. So I have him in Tj, FBI drafted him. and been holding onto him and so yeah I. I would really like to. To get him in other leagues if he's available. So obviously, if you're GONNA wait till, he's up and then it's fabulous on him. I think he's one of those guys in the same way like Christian heavy was. People spent two to four hundred bucks on him. This weekend, you can kind of expect the same. Is Soon as Spencer's up our Spencer. Our Tout I agree and we could see it. This weekend could get that I start, and if it's good, you know it's just going to add to the bottom line price to. If. You like him. You almost hope it's kind of a medium start. So doesn't shoot the price through the roof, but you know that happens sometimes guy comes up on a Sunday and really sends their price. Sky. High. And you're like well great now and Never GonNa get them so that could happen what Spencer Howard stay tuned to see if he gets called up we don't know yet Alec. Mills threw seven scoreless yesterday was against Casey. You know that's that's a good landing spot, but I do wonder how you feel about him because he's been looking pretty good so far, and you know he had some good swing and Miss Belmont, the last couple of years particularly with last year. When he brought this slow curve into the mix and really started focusing on that he's using it again this year. After dabbling with it in eighteen, he kinda doubled the usage in one, thousand, nine hundred and has maintained their this year sixteen percent. He's leaning on his slider bit more this year as fastballs under fifty percent for the first time. It doesn't throw very hard. He's eighty to ninety, one type of guy. And the interesting thing is he has the two great outings, but the swinging strike rate really hasn't been there, but it is thirteen innings with two runs allowed. So where are you on Al meals as far as a long term investment for the season? I don't know if he's a huge long term investment for me I. Think you know he was one of the guys that I mentioned that was worth picking up this week because of the to start week Now, he his seconds starts at Saint. Louis. So we don't know if he'll actually get it, but I knew this one would be pretty good gone up against the royals It'll be interesting. Actually, I can probably project out who if he does get. If he does get that second start who he would be going up against next week because let's see the cubs are he'd be probably. At Cleveland, which is an offense that hasn't really gotten it together. So you know that's not a bad side. Think he kind of just play the match ups with them right now, and especially, if you're in deeper formats in a fifteen mix or deeper, there's not a lot on the waiver wire. So Alex is one of those guys that should be rostered in in every mix league format, well, not every mix probably fifteen and you can. Fit, twelve's you can start to play in the The match even Ted, you could. You could use this matchup. Here's. Here's the big question for him though I was Tana through a thirty pitch bullpen on Monday, didn't have any issues if he comes back, mills goes to the bullpen. Specially, with how well chat pitching right now. I. Mean. He's another one of those guys where a stream him in in some leagues to start the year because he was kind of in the rotation and I'm glad I got that and I mean there's just no one else in that rotation unless there's an injury where Alex Mills could stick in it i. think he just ride it for right now. As soon as Cantatas bag, you probably cut bait. That's perfect. Staying in the central role. Quick. An interesting development yesterday could be one of those things where you know this happened to from Valdez? Where he relieved for? Christian. Hobby or excuse me for Josh James? The. Other day. So the start that he was supposed to get on Tuesday was was pushed back. Corbin, Burns came out of the bullpen yesterday. Is he out of the rotation or is it just the a firm kind of thing where it's like, Hey, they needed them. So they went to him for three and two thirds because Brent Anderson only went three. Or is Burns back out. Yeah. Idea being that. It would be Anderson Woodruff. Hauser Peralta. lindblom yen lowers back..

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