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Well i'm pretty sure the the biggest signing of the last ten years of the fred wilpon error. Jeff wilpon era not named yohan assessment. This was probably frank francisco and we all know how that turned out. They've been. They've been shopping in the discount. I'll for ten years and look and we'll be fair. they have they. They signed players. But but again but when it would kill me to going to that next level that the teams like the dodgers like the red sox like the yankees are able to go to now the big market teams with you know nice stadiums their own networks the whole nine. The mets were limited. Whether it's you know all because of the bernie madoff stuff or whatever you wanna however you want to characterize it but now at three forty one showed. The mets are going to go to that next year. They're willing to go to the next whether that translates to wins or not remains to be seen. But it won't be steve collins fault. If it doesn't yeah it's not for lack of shopping in the high price style as they like to call it. It's like the michaels of kansas city before the before the bernie madoff fiasco and we spoke about this The the mets spent you know five six years. Whatever it was shopping for high priced talent on the free agent market. They got pedro martinez. They got carlos. Beltran got moisture. So lou frankie rodriguez. They went out. They got everybody things. Happen with bernie madoff. They no longer spent that money despite telling everybody did or if they did it was just that if something went wrong the wheel would come off or you know and and off they don't win right away and have the revenues of a playoff season. Say right away if if things aren't working out and we need to sell players or or get as a contract so there was no wiggle room like the you know when i think of steve cohen has metzler. I think now it's okay. Not only can you shop in the expensive or expensive store however you want to look at it but if things go wrong because that that truly is the thing that separate socially in baseball with no cap that's the thing that separates the good teams the great teams and the top top top tier teams. Is that if the top top teams make mistakes. They can still have wiggle room to get out of it. That's how i would view it. They're no longer going. After the adrian gonzalez on track knowing full. Well yeah we gave this guy a minor league contract. But we're starting him. I i face on opening those days met fans. I'm i'm happy to tell you this. Those days are over. they went out. They paid lynn door. More money than any other shortstop. They're in on free agents. They didn't they didn't get any of them. They didn't get trevor bauer but they made. Trevor bauer. they made them an offer. They made him the highest money offer. There was They drew a line in the sand on george springer specifically because he has to play centerfield. Toronto went the extra year. The mets weren't willing to do that..

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