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I'm happy to also report that we've got many more than I think a lot of states in this situation. Can expect early on in terms of making sure that we do enforcement because I've made it clear. The more people who are masks, the better we are than the better it is for us, is the state to then carefully methodically and slowly reintroduce some risk and our goal. Is Schools and I am not pollyanna. The countries that have successfully opened schools didn't just bend the curve. They crushed the curve. Countries like Germany that flattened the Kerr, but still had an infection rate over one. They had trouble they had that open than reduced participation and closed and reopened and I think that the United States ought to work diligently not to be in that situation and I'm working diligently not to be in that situation. Governor I'm glad you brought that up because I'm wondering. What do you make of the president of the United States? Threatening schools if they don't reopen or a threat threatening Yeah, threatening schools if they aren't reopened. Does you've already announced that you have? Stopped contact sports. Do you think it's responsible to open up schools on the normal schedule? It. I think that each state needs to be really careful about what their rate of infection is, and where they're whether they've bent that Kurban. All before they reopen schools, they will put that workforce at risk, and you can't maintain it, and while we don't believe kids are super vectors and we're seeing that kids don't seem to have the same. At least consistently, really negative impacts from having coverted, there's a lot we still don't know and New Mexico has a higher rate of infection among children than any other state or most states actually be careful about that with the last set of data over the last week, but it's way too high so I'm really cautious about those risks and here's my response. To the federal government, what first of all they, this seems to me to be more of a political consistent attack on public education. This is an administration that doesn't want to fund public education that has been harsh and cruel about investments and strategies and outcomes for public education, and I think frankly Congress has worked really diligently to try and counteract many of the. Proposals that are discriminatory on their face, and I state that's majority majority in terms of its population. The sort of Betsy Devos plan for public education is unacceptable so. Part of the same pattern. If you will, the threat is win. This president can't get all of the governors on the same page. That's what he goes to me just less than a month ago. We call does all jerks on the telephone for not reopening our economies. It's an outrageous threat. It's incredibly immature and the worst is. It's dangerous because there isn't a national strategy. I don't mind that the White House is clear that education. Going back to school is really important. These kids need to go back to school, but you better way those risks and you ought to be a partner. Right, you're not a hammer, and this is no time to pretend that you cared about public education so I find this threat another really shallow attempt at trying to get their way without having any real plan and the other thing I really have to say. Is that one on one members of the task force and members of the White House are in fact, really effective at solving many of the states problems. If I needed more testing supplies, I could get..

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