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They had four first round picks him one one season in one draft i mean it's insane insanity i know they had drawn pain and make it as patrick last year or this year in the draft i go back and look at who else they had they usually have at least four or five guys every year it seems like from alabama i don't know if they break it up by school here for me i know the break it up by position by conference but just in the first round minkah fitzpatrick wind eleventh overall to the dolphins and then they had overshot evans that's right shaun evans when twenty second overall to the titans and the also doron paying thirteenth overall to the redskins so and then also the first round and that's the three guys in the first round this year all defensive guys ally a linebacker safety slash corner and offensive tackle so their top the top guy at every level and their defense basically goes in the first round i mean the see that anywhere else you don't maybe clemson maybe i mean i think the only team that had i'm seeing twice on here my seeing anybody twice on here georgia had a to an offense and defensive player go notre dame at to lyman go that's about it i mean i'm just looking at the transition from the nfl to the dirty three guys in the first round but more sony michelle yeah running back running back a linebacker ended up off its wyman which is great but i'm saying look at this microcosm would alabama does nick sabin does for his team and for his players i mean that's the thing that's probably part of his i mean it's got to be not probably is part of his recruiting tools look at my pedigree family grandma mom dad grandpa aunt uncle cousin everybody who's here that i'm trying to convince let your your boy come play from me look at what i've done for these players look at the my incubator it's like it's like if elon musk bought a house and paul alto and started going through all the high schools and picking up the best programmers and said look what i can do for you if if.

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