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Is getting worse in the United States especially in the metro New York area travel advisories are being set in place boxes marked neared its reports we are expecting an update from the administration on its efforts including that question the decision by the president to back away from that quarantine for parts of the northeast this was something that the president talked a lot about on Saturday but we heard from the treasury secretary earlier today he was on fox with Chris Wallace who said why they decided to go in a different direction the president wanted to consider all the options he was obviously concerned what was going on with New York he spoke to the task force he spoke to the governors and he was comfortable that people would take this advisory very seriously later this hour the president is expected to meet with supply chain distributors we have not yet gotten a list of who will be in attendance for that meeting but the president has held similar events with business groups and interest groups ever since this crisis began also at that briefing we're gonna be looking to see if there's any update on the president's recommendations to slow the spread and helping to keep America's hands clean boxes Karen McCue has this story manufacturers across the country are retooling to produce medical supplies during this coronavirus crisis like the folks who make moves with casinos closed in Nevada for the pandemic several distilleries in that state or taking all that unused ethanol they've got stored up in combining it with aloe Vera and other chemicals and turning it into hand sanitizer this is good for all who are fighting the virus and for those who've been laid off from the whisky biz so three cheers for seven troughs the depot Verity local distillery and Damon industries they're all doing their part one thing that they're in short supply of however containers to put it in Michael Moberly a for Reno distillery says all the plastic bottles in the country are gone cared McCue fox news to cruise ships waiting to dock at the Panama Canal are stranded fort Lauderdale's mayor said he didn't want the ship.

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