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I can't tell you how long I've waited for this actual day. Sanders in for Selfie, What's happening, my friend Tommy, How are you? Good. How are you? Good to see you. We still these off for the the Jewish holiday. So you've decided to step in and be part of the nonsense absolute that first spin together. It is. I apologize for not being a professional broadcaster as we began. Are you apologizing ahead of time? That's right. That's right. You lose two. Are you as excited about what today means as I am? Obviously, it's game week. Yeah, well, it is it is, and I am excited, but it's tempered by years of disappointment and harder already bringing us down. Look, look, I mean, look, I want to be positive, but the older I get more crab. By the way. Adam Abdullah sent us a A series of power rankings today, and I believe I believe we did not rank and by we I mean the bears. I don't believe we ranked any higher than 21st. We were somewhere between 21st and 25th. And we had where we have. We had NFL com We had, um We had ESPN. Who else did we have? We had CBS four times, CBS USA today all the heavy hitters, the ringer all the heavy hitters, and I guess the the conclusion that we came to the average of bed. Yeah. 23rd. Yeah. I think the conclusion that we all came to was invasion hates us. And and it's it's and I guess at this point, I want to be optimistic. And as I always say, Xander, and it's the simplest and may be the stupidest, stupidest refrain. I have It's related to Matt Nagy and the Bears and everybody else is you change the narrative by changing the narrative. If you want everybody to feel differently about you. Yes, it's a really simple kind of saying that I live by If you want to change the narrative, and by that, I mean, if you want everyone to stop talking about you as a guy that came here to revolutionize the offense and to develop quarterbacks the way who gave him that title of great revolutionary offensive guru all of these adjectives and support superlative. That's a That's a really good question. I don't know. I think there was just this assumption that when Matt came from Kansas City, despite only having been the play caller, um for about five or six games, and by the way, one of those games was the playoff game against the Titans. I believe Where they were boat racing the Titans by running the football and decided to switch things up in the second half, got away from the run and ended up losing that game. I don't know. I think there was just this feeling that Starvation. That fan starvation by proxy. Your I'm guilty of that. You get what you want, right? Yes. Hey, what happened? Jane Color came to town. I was thrilled. I hear we all were. We were all here we go. We finally he was coming off of Pro bowl season. He was, Yeah, I think it was by. I mean, it was it was projected or assumed success. By proxy because he came from the Kansas City system with Andy Reid. So it's got to be a home run right around. Um, it hasn't been now he could sit here and talk to you about in the Bears will talk to you about 12 and four season as a rookie coach, Anyone coach of the year back to back eight and eight seasons. He's been to the postseason two out of the three times, Um With that in mind, the narrative now is is a the offences confusing and not very effective and He's not good at developing quarterbacks, and as I've said forever, if you want it was a quarterback. Yes, he was a Delaware. If you want to change the narrative, change the narrative be better at what you're asked to do, and then people will start talking differently about you. So We begin again Sunday night in Los Angeles, where there is doubt about Matt Nagy and his offense. He can change the way we feel about him, if, in fact he can do a better job game planning Better job play colleague and ultimately developed this young quarterback in Justin Fields. Well, at what point does he realize that You know, it's not about forcing his program to work. No, each bin that it seems to me. That he's had this what he wants to achieve, and he's not coming off of it, even after several times where it hasn't worked now he's got Justin Fields who may be a good student of his plan when we see him Yes, when does he Just adapt if he needs to. Will he adapt this year? We haven't really seen it. You don't actually last few games last year's last five games of the season, and look, we cannot go all here It is finally Yeah, And I always thought that game planning for Mitch Travis Key is your quarterback with a limited offensive line in front of him is probably the easiest game plan to put into place in the National Football League. Because you have to do less like you'd be really easy. If I can only I can really consume myself and concern myself with this over here, which was Um Limited ability to process things. So what we're gonna do is cut the field in half. We're not going to ask him to read from the right side of the field. Little less size. We're going to go. You know, Top the bottom One read to read Ball comes out or you go. We're going to run the football consistently. We're going to stay committed to running the football. We're going to get out on the edge, and we're going to take advantage of what this quarterback does do well to me. The game plan for Mitchell Robiskie was probably the most easily Put together devised game plan in all of football, and they struggled to do that, until the final five games of the sexy I know. And is that the problem talking to a guy who played the game his entire life in a non sexy manner? Sexy is not only it is not always the only way to get it done. But you're right. It didn't like it. This city. He wants sexy. Well, here's the deal wants say that he did not want to run the ball early on. Then he's one say that or said, We're not here to do that, or there was something that there was some quote and I can't remember it's been wild. Where it seemed like he was very against.

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