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Rain tonight. At least that's how it appears. The Reds do have a fight on their hands, trying to sweep or avoid a sweep at the hands of the Padres Tonight. Welcome into the Arnell carriers. Inside Pitch on Lance McAllister. Reds lead for nothing. Last night, they wind up 75 losers. In a rain shortened game. Now they're back below 508 games out. That is a season high deficit. We've got a lot of ground to cover tonight. As always between now and the first pitch. Then I invite you to join me after the game for the Kelsey Chevrolet extra inning show, Let's get to the headlines. Then we'll get into the game. It's Reds and Padres and the wrap up of three Great American ballpark. Padres have won all six meetings this year, one last chance for the Reds to grab a win in the season series First pitch at 7 10. As mentioned Kelsey Chevrolet. Extra innings after the game. Michael Lorenzen has been sent to Arizona, the Arizona complex on a rehab assignment. He has been on the injured list all season with the right shoulder strains. Scott Heinemann. Designated for assignment on Monday cleared waivers Today he was outrighted to Triple A Louisville. Speaking of Louisville, David Bell, telling the Beat writers today Tony Santy on will pitch out of the pen at Triple A Louisville. All Star voting has concluded. We will know the status of Nick Castano's and Jesse Winker later tonight. Starters in each league to be announced at nine o'clock. College. Basketball news Scheduling news the N K U North will host UNC Greensboro at BB and T Arena on Friday. November 12th in C G is the reigning Southern Conference regular season and tournament champion. Is coming off the first round appearance in the N C double a tournament Darren Horns Norse are going to be dangerous. This season, Xavier has landed a commitment from a four star class of 22 guard. Cam Craft. 66 £180 of shooting guard from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Rick Brokering Musketeer report describes him as an elite shooter. With an edge. Davion Mintz of UK, their leader in scoring three point shooting it assists last season, will return to Lexington for his final season of eligibility. He's withdrawn his name from the NBA draft. Speaking of the NBA Eastern Conference finals tonight, Game five. Atlanta The Hawks at the Bucks with the series, even at two to know Yannis for the Bucks tonight, he's out with a knee injury. The Phoenix Suns await the winner Chris Paul scored 41 last night as the Sun's finished off the Clippers four games to two. FC Cincinnati is at the Houston Dynamo. Saturday. You'll hear it right here on ESPN 15 30. Check out the blog. It's at 700 wlw dot com. The blog presented by me and it's free at 700 wlw dot com. It is Canada Day You can watch Joey Vados Classic appearance on Intentional Talk, wearing a Mounties outfit and talking about his horse nibbles also You can take a listen to what happened on this date in Reds history, will discuss in greater detail after the game. But on this date 1973 you will hear Al Michaels and Jonah Texaco. Next sales call. Of a home run that changed the course of the season from a third string Reds catcher..

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