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The royals four nothing then led 6 to four. DJ le mayu to run holder Anthony Rizzo a three run shot is 25th Kansas City got a run in the 8th inning off rob marinaccio had been unheard of against and then with one out in the 9th. A swing and a drive to center field and Matt ball is going to be carrying and it is out of here. Home run Salvador Perez he puts the royals in the lead in the top of the night. How about that? Three run Homer, case CSP, they call the Homer the first at clay Holmes had allowed this season the angst had been 6 it over against the royals, KC one 8 to 6. Yankees host Seattle tonight, the mets are in Washington, Max Scherzer goes to night and Jacob de Grom tomorrow, Metz of one 6 in a row beat the Marlins 9 to three with a 19 hit attack to remain three games ahead of Atlanta. On the PGA Tour second straight win for Tony finau in Detroit is at 26 under par in New Jersey the live tour winner and Rick stenson John Stacy our Bloomberg sports Nathan. Thank you John 6 37 on Wall Street time to take a look at stocks. Some of the names moving in the pre market and apparently the box office with Bloomberg radio and TV markets correspondent pretty Gupta based on what's on your early morning list. Good morning creedy. Good morning, Nathan. Let's start off with a question. Have you seen the D.C. league of super pets? I don't know what the D.C. league of super pets is. You know, I didn't either until I looked at Warner Brothers discovery stock. WBD. 1%. Don't worry, it all comes full circle. It wasn't around. This is a movie. It's an animated family film from Warner Brothers. It did top a Uighur North American box office this weekend $23 million in its opening weekend across 4000 domestic cinemas. This is huge for Warner Brothers. This looks like it got quite a bit and of course, as we know, we've talked about this with AMC a lot when they have a big movie release. For example, Spider-Man: No Way Home. You saw AMC stock rally it's a similar story here with Warner Brothers discovery. So nevertheless, WBD is one of your pre market movers up here up about 1% this morning Nathan. All right, so it's a movie, I guess, is what we're getting from that. All right, so what else is high flying this morning? High flying. What a clever clever word of play. Boeing is the one we're going to look at next but BA is your ticker. The shares are up, get this 4% and climbing. So some good news is usually not something you see from Boeing shares that they have been under quite a lot of pressure lately. Two bits of good news here. At the first part, they have averted for a few days at least in August 1st strike by 2500 machinists that would have crippled its St. Louis area fighter jet plans. The U.S. regulators had approved the plan to inspect and repair these tiny structural flaws in Boeing 7 87 Dreamliner. That's the second part of the good news. That's a major milestone towards resuming deliveries that really haven't gone anywhere since late 2020. So bonus number one is that August 1st strike, it looks like it is delayed and the bonus number two is that those U.S. regulators did approve the plans to inspect so a little bit of regulatory help from there as well. Nevertheless, BA is your ticker. About 4% this morning and also keep in mind that those deliveries are really important when it comes to Boeing kind of building back up their backlog. Remember they've had a lot of tensions with this kind of COVID era. So to have those shares higher is once again a very big deal. Nathan, I'm going to end here with some crypto as well love to talk about it. We do have a Bitcoin dropping under pressure once again, probably in line with some of the risk sentiment you're seeing in stocks that are you commodities as well. But it's taking with it down some of these crypto stocks, ride blockchain, for example, the minor IoT down 3.7% who also had the likes of coinbase coin is your Tiger down 1.8%, Nathan. And that's something you're seeing across the crypto complex this morning. All right, Bloomberg radio and TV markets correspondent pretty Gupta with us as we get ready to kick off a new trading month for watching futures move a touch lower. We have S&P futures right now down 8 points, Dow futures down 25. That's little changed. NASDAQ futures down 30 points a drop of about a quarter of 1%. Ten year treasury is down two 30 seconds, the yield 2.65% and the yield on the two year

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