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I mean Marin like this is one of the best interim. I mean, I was thinking about this earlier. Like is he the best? Caretaker after manager gets sacked coach of all time him and goes hitting definitely up there. But I mean, I just I'm I think mansions nodded has already privately confirmed to him at least I hope that they've already privately confirmed to him that he will be given the job and they're just holding off on the announcement. So that's my hope, and I think that he should not be expected to do anything more to deserve that job. The man deserves a threat through one hundred percent give that man the job. Don't even consider anybody else. Look what he's done. Next question comes from young leg at Anthony show. He says what are you thinking if you're pay? I said this earlier run get out like like like, the what's it called the horror movie get out like you need to fuck and run out Paris for them. Yeah. Like, you got your money. You got some glory. You got some trophies just it's time. It's just grow up. I I'm gonna tell him Bobby right now grew up, oh, some adult speak to young Imbaba, a grow up son grow up in Bombay godly. Get out of this. She grow up for once. What are you twenty? Now, you're not a teenager. How about you fucking grow up? All right next. Question comes half and have scars podcast Cam in United actually, win the Champions League last night smelled like Chelsea and twenty twelve team spirit and and. Team spirit and fight over the shop Martin. I mean is this the team of destiny is this the this could it could it happen? I would ship my pants if it did. But I'm gonna be so jealous. I'd like I wouldn't be able to talk to you for like a week. It'd be here. I would be obnoxious for a year. But I don't think they will. Unfortunately, I think the quality of teams around them similar answer to that is Jack's one. But I think the quality of teams around them is just too high. However, I have not seen a team that mimics the passion that I've seen in this Manchester United squad. So who the fuck knows? I mean Salk show is is well accustomed to winning champions leagues. And I think I would not put anything past mentioned not at this point. I cannot believe United has gotten to this heights and such short time under soldier or. So who the fuck knows do soccer Ghodse a weird, dude? It's beautiful. Game. People forget, it's it's it's really beautiful next question. Oh, I guess I didn't answer it. Who I mean, I could see semi final. I'm not, you know, I could see them making in there. But just you know, it's the it's the drawl you never know who you're going to get. It's the exact if Man United get Porto watch out. I'm just you know, we're taught them. Oh. Marin that isn't those shot. That's a little peashooter. Pew. Pew. All right next. Question comes from at soccer. Swap make sure to check them out. They have a bunch of other shows blogs channel soccer. Swap are awesome. We're very happy to be a part of them as well..

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