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It's has so much value. Does that same type of thing with the stock market. Like you know. I might as well join these groups and Some of them were better than other. But through my friend. Nick and joining these groups I felt like i was. I had the tools to beat the market and all of a sudden. I started waking up at three in the morning and learn you know reading more and learning more and also night during the whole time day trader. That's kind of what i do now. and dan as market got harder. I got really lucky again. Come to the theme of my professional. I met this guy on named david. Prince who long story short Runs a trading group which started during the pandemic basically because he had. He's just really outgoing. Nice guy and he had to many people messaging him asking questions. I had my friend. Dick rows messaging so he just had me in that even for him. David's got people messaging on facebook telegram. Text messages calling him. Hey you know you told me to by amazon. Yesterday it's up eight percent which i do not like i give eight percent like what he want from me so anyway so he started he. He is idea instead of telling everyone to. You know you know. Go go screw ever was okay. I'll start my own group in. He did end so he to me you know and not to sound like a shell Until totally matter me but he has unique group that Without that i wouldn't really be you know. The the market was easy in two thousand twenty. You know anyone just by in stocks went up and that's really how was If you know the right people are you focused a little more. You might be able to do better but like really if you had money in the market. You're listening to go now. It's a lot harder And i have. And i've done okay in two thousand twenty one but i certainly have made a ton of mistakes The learning and i'm learning through. Yeah basically he doesn't thing i'm learning. I'm learning how to actually. I'm trying to learn how to actually be special day trader in. I think i'm on the right path. So that's kind of what i'm gonna try to just like. I took the opportunities for you know triple or whatever it was determined only all of them like now i feel like my time is spent learning this and i it. There's there's a lot of opportunity if you know what you're doing in the i. Guess the jury's out if in a couple years all or you know it seems like a note enduring or to eventually of the opportunities as what i'm trying to are you loving it. You getting getting obsessed with learning. I really really like it Part of what. I like is the schedule. Even though it is a little ruling on my son is at school from nine to two in on trading from born the morning to one though one o'clock their stuff on the west coast to happens after hours but for the most part you can you can set if you orders in or or you can miss the value of after hours and i can pretty much one ten. Go take a nap for an hour. And then awake for five hours and doesn't mean i had to hang this on the today like you know i just have all this time. You know the beautiful weather. La live in a great place. And i instead of driving an hour and fifteen minutes commerce. You know in all that stuff. I i'm really enjoying the lifestyle and i'm also enjoying the trading on in learning and and you know winnings lot more losing you know the other day i two huge mistakes and i and i had a bad day and that wasn't that fun but like today like i made less mistakes in the stocks that we were in. We're going up and it's amazing day. And then i take an app and then you know. God's item on do a podcast. Yes i am. it's it's it. I'm enjoying lifestyle goodman. That sounds great. I always love to hear the stories of folks that have been chasing polka greatness. And then transitioned into something else that they that they love in there so much from that especially like last year and maybe some of those locked but like so much of the risk reward of of what you learn in poker has helped me in this I've had a lot of friends who have been like. Hey like getting into this group with david branson in you know i'll tell you what to do and and you know like a great opportunity but like if they're not poker players doesn't matter if they're smarter than me s march me whatever it is. It's hard to grasp okay. I'm gonna put this much money on the stock in hope it goes up in. Why am i doing it an vogel. Because jesse said it more likely to go up than down like if you're poker player like oh fifty percents answer i go. It's dance but if you're not it's it's hard to okay. We'll i'll just two thousand dollars into it like okay. You're not yeah. It's it's just so so yes so like the life of of taking those small opportunities is really especially during the pandemic where the right play was to gamble. You know really really helped me a lot. Yeah i mean. I mean really if you think about what poker is or for the podcast. Listener like is taking very small edges every single hand right like you said a big bet an our will. That's taking you play. I don't even know how many limit holdem hand. You play live in an hour. Like thirty five forty something like that. Yeah you're just taking a sliver of ev. Like every hand is just one little sliver and that just adds up at the end of your session to you your edge and so like trading. You have a very sliver of evey and you take it and you just take it as many times as you possibly can. And that's where the edge comes from. I assume for sure and and i've also made some big mistakes And this is where learning comes in. I that you know you usually. I'm taking some other people. So so let's say they like there's a on l. end. Ps which is all online. It is kind of like a room Like an online. They're selling cars online. And there's oh we love to stop a great great opportunity. So i ended up buying like a lot of shares. His you know like it is to say that's my head some cash mike outages so something like all right. Well they love it. That's gotta be seventy six. The next day it's down like sixteen percent. And like i just i i asked him like you know. Listen just just for the so. I know the future years. How much of this you know about how much money i have. That messes up early. Mike erm item lucky. Like you're an idiot cute because it's like this dinky little stock.

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