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Second half kickoff. Davidovich kicks it way short. Congress comes up to the nine Brexit right up the middle, and then the whole closes he gets out to the twenty seven yard line before he's brought down. And that's where Michigan will take over first and ten from the twenty seven. While we'll get a chance to see if they've listened to their head coach, and they're gonna come out and pound the ball and take control of this line of scrimmage and make this Rutgers team understand that you know. Hey, thanks for coming in and thanks for playing hard. But we've got bigger things on our plate. Then the scarlet knights wolverines come out first and ten they've got two receivers left Collins and people's Jones shotgun pistol for Patterson. He gives it to and tries the middle of the Rutgers line and only gets a yard Trevor Morris there to stop him the twenty eight it'll be second down and nine for the wolverines one of the things. Rutgers is doing is they're talking that outside linebacker right on the hip of the defensive was that gentry pulled around. I don't think he saw and just ran by looking for the next available blocker and he's the linebacker. That's making that play. In the backfield. Patterson in the shotgun known Perry in motion. Higdon is set to the Wright Patterson raises this like it's looking to throw throws deep down the sideline for people's Jones. That's incomplete. Isaiah Warton covered right in front of the Michigan. Bents tried to go deep over the top man coverage out there on the edges, and I gotta give Avery Brown. And I say a Warton credit. They're not giving away any easy ones except the one earlier in the first after Nico gone, though, the disappointing thing about that passes. Even if even if it's caught by people's Jones it was thrown. So that it was going to be out of bounds. Third down and nine Michigan's first possession of the secondhand shotgun for Patterson. He's got back to throw blitz coming. Lots of time. Lots of time throwing the ball is. Catch by Zach gentry close to the fifty yard line. Plus.

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