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I know in western Massachusetts Bay State system has done a phenomenal job and getting their staff Immunized as well as the ancillary staff that surrounds them. If you think about, you know, visiting nurses empties People who work in the health clinics. They've done a great job in getting that covered. So you know that's phase one. Uh, look, if you have health insurance, and the thing I love about Massachusetts is just about everybody does. If you are over the age of 75, you are now eligible in Phase two. We're starting to crack open the eligibility for individual 65 over as well as those with two or more medical conditions on then we will move on to essential workers such as K through 12 teachers transit grocery utility. Anyone in the food supply chain, sanitation and public works another public health workers. So think about who you are, as relates to the mass health phasing and you could just go 12. You know, mass dot go and look for covert information. It'll tell you right there, And then there are tons of outlets. Regarding where you can get vaccinated. We have the mass vaccination sites across Massachusetts in western Massachusetts. We have the East field more. We have U mass Amherst in central Massachusetts. We have Wister State University. We have on our health, New England website areas on the website that connect you to lots of information about Cove it you know, there's the Greater Springfield senior services. They're helping Hampton County Sheriff's Office. Uh there's a support services line there. The state has a lot of new resource is out there, including a toll free number as well as the Web site information, and I will tell you that we are making a concerted effort in the Springfield area. Make sure the underserved population and those who are vulnerable are getting their immunizations. I was just on the phone last night with some of my wonderful colleagues at our be healthy, a CEO product. And they are literally calling people and saying, Hey, can you come in? Do you need transportation? I think that's an amazing public service because, Jim, like you said, we want to get everybody immunized, and it shouldn't be just because I'm not living near the East Field ball or I don't have a car that works. But I get the night that vaccine so We're working really hard, and we're using a lot of different channels to get the vaccine deployed because if you think about it, you know we don't necessarily have a very certain supply chain. It's not like three covert. Remember when everybody Yeah, you know, think about pre covert times when you wanted to go to the grocery store and buy toilet paper. You were worried about what? You're gonna be toilet paper boy, you know, think about Jane, you know, and you know there's also logistical challenges. And, you know, we talked about that people space. Information technology and you know, it's hard to scale up logistics. No, we understand, Doctor. This has been very helpful. And I think of one takeaway we can get from this is the information is out there, folks, no matter where you are Any website you go to it will say covert information. Click here. And if whether that be your health insurer, your health care provider. The information is there Doctor. I recline Chief medical Officer and Vice President and Health. New England. Dr Klein. Thanks so much. This has been very helpful. My pleasure, Jim. Thank you for your service that somewhere in.

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