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WBC Boston's news radio, 11, 13 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Kevin Brennan. Looks like we're still having problems out there. Yeah, indeed. We got these big day work crews slowing traffic down pothole cruise to be precise here on 93 North bound You're jammed up here from Medford Square. Getting up to these pothole cruise taken out the two right lanes there all the way up at Park Street now and stone him right from that Park Street on ramp That's just about four miles of stop and go traffic. Allow an extra 10 15 minutes 93 north from Medford. Getting up through that stone him stretch 4 95 South bound tap of the breaks through workers After 1 14 up in Lawrence Rue one north bound. We're gonna clear the crash and the delays here at the Chelsea curves and then you're locked up before the Lindfield tunnel up to the work crews after the jug handle lights in PVT. Downtown. You're looking good, Lower deck's a Cambridge Lever connector as well as the river roads and airport tunnels south of town. The expressway North bound is jammed. Granted Avenue up through the right lane cruise after Neponset once you clear them, you're OK up to the tunnel South bound. Just some reduce speed through Savin Hill and 93 north bound over a mile back up approaching the Braintree split and into the lane closure on that ramp to Route three. This report sponsored by his equal pure disease. You have to be up in five hours, two hours and you haven't slept. Vic's equal. Pure disease is a drug free blend of botanicals with an optimal dose of melatonin that helps you fall asleep naturally and wake with no next day grogginess is equal, pure sees naturally superior sleep. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. It's going to be a chilly afternoon than I clear. Night down to 22 for Boston. Teens and most suburbs less windy Tomorrow cold, though some sun upper thirties a few rain showers tomorrow night that could be mixed with some snow or.

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