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To address many of the registration issues regarding signing up to get a vaccine in Massachusetts. Residents ages 75 older reporting some struggles to get an appointment. Gearing up for those first shots come Monday and again when it comes to vaccine shortages, The Biden administration says more help is on the way. Just enough vaccine. Fully vaccinated 300 Americans. By end of the summer, the beginning of the fall. President Bonjean hosting a White House event. The covert briefings are backed by the way at the White House today today, marking the first There will be three a week, and Biden says the distribution of vaccines to states will be significantly ramped up. What does it mean it means starting next week? Overall weekly vaccination distributions to states, tribes and territories will go from 8.6 million doses to a minimum of 10 million doses. Meantime, President Biden is also addressing climate change today in the form of new executive orders. They aimed to conserve 30% of the lands Ocean waters in the next decade while also shifting to an all electric federal vehicle fleet with more on that, here's CBS climate specialist Jeff Barry Deli. Environmental advocates were concerned about Biden because they weren't sure exactly how aggressive he would be on climate change. But this Executive order makes clear that he is serious about climate change. And the White House is now done A complete 1 80 on climate change from the Trump Administration, which didn't do anything at all and rolled back a lot of environmental regulations to Biden, who is going to be doing the most ambitious climate plan. Really any administration In the past, the conservation plan would set aside millions of acres for recreation, wildlife and climate efforts by the year 2030. Coming up. We'll talk about some tech problems with the vaccine. That's next right now. 12 33 traffic on the threes out to the roads we go, and it's Kevin Brennan. Officially the lunch hour commute. The Subaru Retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. Good afternoon and good afternoon there, Laurie ethic most of us are in pretty good shape. We're still watching these pretty big delays out in Worcester drew to nineties jammed up both directions here approaching these left lane guard rail crews that exit 14 route 1 22, and we'd have pretty big delays in both directions. Right here. Downtown Worcester along route to 90. Mass. Pike. No reported troubles here getting out past 1 28 or 4 95 take about 15 minutes to get between those two points south of town in Fox Borough 4 95 North bound a little slow getting by a car off the road here on the ramp to 95 south, Looking pretty good on 24 route 3. 93 North bound is now okay. Getting into the brain tree Split. Looks like they picked up that work crew there. Expressways moving well, both directions. Downtown Boston. No troubles on the lower decks, a Cambridge or that lever connector up in Danvers. 1 28 South bound. You're hung up into the work zone here at Endicott Street Route ones..

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