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Now, I have not checked these sources or looked at how these studies worked, but I can tell you anecdotal evidence from my own life, which I've noticed which is if I'm meditating it things do get way better. And I think maybe the way to look at that is instead of going into why that could be happening though. I love the quantum entanglement stuff. And I was just reading. A tweet by Mitch Horowitz and other former guests on the podcast. He said that Sherman Helmsley from what's that show moot? Moving on up. What's it called? It's called the jeffersons. And I loved it. When I was a kid, but I had no idea that Sherman Helmsley was a disciplined follower of an ancient hermetic tradition that might have existed prior to the building of the pyramids. And it's all wrapped up in this book called the Kabali in Bali. I heard about it. But I never spent any time with it. What a cool book, it has a lot of great ideas in it a lot of very simple concepts that can become very complex, but one of them. I love is that opposites are actually the same thing different degrees, which crazy when you consider that. Meaning that if you have some kind of an aspect of yourself that you're not happy with. You could actually. Sort of connect or you already are connected with that things opposite. Because it's basically the same thing if you're experiencing some kind of I don't I know don't know. confusion, for example, that confusion is actually the experience of dawning realization because if you did have dawning realization, you would know you're confused. And similarly this like happens in the natural world, for example, heat and cold, they they're the same thing. It's just a continuum, you know, that we're all on and so within these ideas are all these potential things Petit potentialities, which is that you could theoretically like jump so to speak jump opposites. You know, I don't know if you saw banner snatch the black mirror the weird black mirror. Choose your own adventure thing on Netflix, pretty cool. But there is like the kind of like, I I don't know how many versions of the story there. But I think there's this concept you could like jump through mirrors into alternate dimensions. And when you're looking in a mirror, you're essentially seeing the opposite of you. I mean, it's you, but it's you and reverse left is right right is left. This is like the sounds crazy. But it's like this is the when you're watching a weatherman or woman you're seeing someone who's like really good at go like doing everything in the opposite. Because the weather map that they're seeing on a green screen, and they're having to look at another thing. Anyway, I saw somebody do it at the CNN building in Atlanta. And then when I realized what they were doing. It was crazy find to do that. I would simultaneously shit my pants piss myself, probably some kind of seizure and collapse, regardless. There was this idea and Bander snatch the could jump from one. Into a mirror into. Another dimension. Which is where you be living completely different life and sort of travel through the black mirror cynical depressing and annoying yet. Awesome multi-diverse. So similarly, this concept of opposites being the same thing on different levels has within a weird potential for kind of like. Form of mutation kind of cognitive exploration of things that you thought you were disconnected from. But that you are completely connected to and that wonderful text..

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