Theresa, Prime Minister, President Trump discussed on WLOB's Morning News with Ray Richardson


Family the aforementioned joe bruno is in the house thanks for being here this morning thank you um with there a question for joe that we got an email uh you got the question right it was about the yankees swapped wives back in the late '60s uh that those in seventy seventy four twenty one if i thought it was joe peptone and jim bowden now wasn't now it was stan william nazi in way it was stan are the pitcher yeah the two pitchers might catch and not a and i and for its value leaders on yet might catch it and fritz peterson they just walked family it was one of the more bizarre things from my childhood i did that i remember it happened happening and he three putted 74 but one of the more bizarre things of my childhood they just basically swap families yeah it's kinda odd i got home with dini the night you'd go i mean plywood mrs bernau then i understand i appeal get the horse i get that people do get divorced i get that but you don't get rid of your children uh they they even swapped dogs are there was great it was one of the crazies things there's no doubt let's let's grab some calls her odds have been ringing this week why don't we take a bunch of calls there are a lot to talk about at seven forty good morning it may recall gentlemen the incident in which women were tacked on a bridge in london they were run over and they were slashed think killed some jumped in the river thames interisland and now than mayor of london said deak khan says that president trump is not welcome in the united kingdom you at the prime minister theresa may's invited in there but yet how did we get to such a pass in our civilization that we are outnumbered in our capitals our capital city london paris and we're in a position now where the enemies that pass enemies averse civil aviation for more than two thousand years can say we're no longer welcome yeah a happen well it's pretty extraordinary happens because of things like what happened out in california thank you for the call yesterday wear kate stein laid the beautiful twenty nine year old woman who was walking on the pierre with her father enjoying the day.

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