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Do a lot of lecture recitals on chopin and so i was talking to him afterwards and i said that was awesome because he combined dave brubeck and frederic chopin and he made a piece called jing clear and you'll be colmey he could do so only he could do that and it's awesome and it's dave brubeck and he's just the most humble person you know he was as you know he past day but what a great musician great man and you know worked in you know two later patten actually a funny dave brubeck stories that he actually was asked to do the olympics on the opening ceremony in australia he told me and uh he's like you know but it was just too far for a gig true story now around the room and asked about celebrities the people work with bob you probably have a long list because you've been in the city a very very long time not necessarily only people you work with people who have walked into the room while you're the guy that happened to be playing the piano said zaki walking into the room of playing a piano bar in new york city and one winter night and stevie wonder walk shen while his wife and his manager which way for dinner i don't know so i walked right by the piano not unlike added stevie wonder so i didn't play any stevie wonder song but ten minutes later than his manager came over to me and said do you mind if stevie said in an played a couple song oh my gosh i said well is any good repression so he did he came up and he played about thirty minutes of new songs alone blaine and saying he did a thirty millimeter fast set right on my geoghegan on anxious leaning on the piano watching him you was he is good at all as we would expect was electrifying the place was packed and you could hear a pin drop oh man how long ago was this nineteen eighty two amazing eddie's not only an incredible musicians of told me his musicianship is amazing aside from the voice that we all now is that true from what your yeah yeah he did all the murders of his early earlier hits yeah amazing amazing did he gets talk to meddle narrowly.

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