Professor Victor Davis Hanson Breaks Down the 'Buffoonish Riot' of January 6


Professor Hansen, welcome to America first. Thank you for having me. So let me just, I noted some of the words from that brand new video that has been posted on the Internet president Trump affected a coup an insurrection his supporters are traitors and brandishing AR-15s who are afraid of democracy, president Trump is demented. Just your reactions to those adjectives alone. Well, I criticize it as sort of a buffoonish riot, but insurrection and conspiracy are precise words. So let's just break them down. The FBI ran an investigation. They found no conspiracy. You can't have an insurrection unless people are armed. There were nobody that entered the capitol that it possessed or used a firearm. And we had headlines at 5 people died in an officer had been murdered. The officer Brian sicknick died of natural cause. We didn't find out for days. Because the media alleged that he had been bashed in the head by a Trump supporter or had suffered an allergic reaction due to bear spray by a Trump supporter. So what we were left with of that commercial was a 105 pound 14 year old 14 year military veteran ashleigh babbitt who was lethally shot for the crime of entering a window in the capitol breaking and entering either a low level felony or a misdemeanor. And we didn't get any information about the officer who shot her. So the whole narrative is broken down, but I like clarity. I like transparency. So I think the best thing that should do is have an independent commission. And let's get everything out. Let's get all of the videos. Let's get all of the communications about law enforcement between Democrats, Republicans, capitol police, administrators, everything. Get it out in a nonpartisan, not a congressional asymmetrical investigation, but an independent sort of Warren commission. Let's find out. And let's see if anybody was FBI informant. Maybe there were wearing. They were not. I don't

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