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Obviously, the passing of Legend Henry Hank Air, and it's something I remember from watching games at Old County Stadium and The numbers are spectacular. I read through his career statistics earlier is absolutely amazing what he is accomplished in his career and 25 times in an All star and I think I think they played a couple times a year back in the day. We're joined, of course, by our own Greg Mastic from Wisconsin. After the news and all the great sports coverage he does hear WTMJ. It's not an easy pivot, but I'm gonna I'm gonna do it this way, And we're talking to Greg here. It is a big Sunday for sports in Wisconsin. But when we think about this week, the people that we have lost It's almost like Sundays is kind of a a nap to mystic way to kind of wrap that week. Does that make sense to you zit can be inspiring. We've lost some great icons of sports and great human beings. But Sunday here we go on the highest. Stage least at the conference level. Here we go on Sunday. Yeah, I kind of feel good finish to Ah, challenging week and I'd Steve, I apologize. My emotions got the best of me. Just never apologize for that. You know that zip art of my dad's childhood. That's part of you know how I kind of grew up and it's just it's Ah Challenging day and I'm sure not the only one who feels that way. But you're right. I mean, it's somewhat makes me wish that Lambo would be packed with 80,000. And you know, everybody feels like family when they're together, I think and that sort of setting Nonetheless, it'll be great to have fan engagement on the field. But, yeah, this is certainly shock waves being felt through not only the Packers locker room, but the state of Wisconsin. You know, sports fans or Or not, right? It's you know who Ted Thompson is. And you know who Hank Aaron is. And you know, don Sutton helped pave the way to the Brewers reaching the World Series in 1982 so A challenging week. To be sure, Yeah, when I was thinking about the career of Thompson last night, and we were going to talk a little bit about him today, But we obviously have the breaking news this morning of Henry Aaron's passing I mean, the incredible Number of Pro Bowl players, and it gets 20 or 25. The fact that he got us back to the to the Super Bowl and we want a Super Bowl, and this is the starting point for me. There's so many players playing at the highest level that he drafted that are on this current year's team. That's incredible. Yeah, and how many were first round picks? Not many very few, right. Aaron Rodgers is one but you know, you know David Bachtiar. He was a mid round pick Corey Lindsley. These air all pro caliber talent. Davante. Adams was a second rounder. Not all of Ted's draft picks worked it. Let's be honest, right? But you know when he hit he had, and he had a knack for finding second round wide receivers and middle round lineman who became all pro caliber players and It's amazing to me that his very first pick in 2005 is still playing and is an M V P in 2021 by that you talk about hitting your first pick out of the park and doing it with balls and guts. That was Ted in his pick of Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, you know, the end of his his tenure with the Packers was something that I just want to talk about a little bit. I mean, a lot as fans. We get upset, and we get angry when our team doesn't perform. I'm guilty that like anybody, but really, he was still performing at the highest level is actions in 2017. You know, extending Corey Lindsley and adding some other key players to this current squad. He was still performing at the highest level. That's something I think a lot of Packer fans seem to have forgotten. Yes, I think one of the final moves he made a side of Lindsley was signing Robert Tony into the practice squad. Something that I may have said in the sports cast, and then you know, you forget about it. Then he realized he was this guy running on the field and okay, whatever. That's proven to be a pretty significant move. He found Truman Williams as an under after rookie free agent who was cast away by the Houston Texans brought him into Green Bay, and four years later, he started at cornerback opposite Sam Shields. For a team that won the Super Bowl. Sam Shields wasn't under after rookie free agent who turned Pro Bowl starting quarterback So it's not just the guys who were drafted. I'm finding it interesting reading on Twitter. Some of the players who just said You know what Ted? Ted gave me a shot on Sound. Kun is part of that mixes. Well, he gave me a shot, and they were able to build a career in Green Bay. Talking to Greg Matt, Sick from Wisconsin's afternoon news, all the great sports coverage here on WTMJ when you look at the game Sunday to all five Sunday, um of course lead up to that a lot of great Packers coverage right here, WTMJ. I mean, what stands out? We have a great offense. The best offense, really NFL great quarterbacks on both sides. Defense is pretty good on both sides now, and that's been a work in progress for the Packers and the Buccaneers. What do you expect to see Sunday? Yeah, I would take take weeks. Six and just, you know, burn that tape because I don't think the Packers I gotta play that way. Um, I looked at the stats of week six and I was trying to figure out just Where things went south in the running game..

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